Monday, December 30, 2019

NEWS WITH VIEWS 12/30/2019

Whitewashing Traitors While Destroying Patriots

President Trump made clear to reporters at Mar-a-Lago how he felt about the prosecution of former aides. It is time for President Trump to act and to pardon General Flynn, Roger Stone, and others who have lost everything for supporting an outsider who just wanted to make America great again..........
by Kelleigh Nelson.

Satan's Pimps

There was a time when America had a firm moral foundation. A time I grew up in where the Ten Commandments were paramount to the way Americans lived their lives. Thou shalt not kill. Today, life is cheap in America. 3,300 human babies murdered by abortion every day at the request of their “mother”.  A 60-year old man beaten to death over ONE dollar on Christmas eve in the Bronx, NY.........
by Devvy Kidd.

The Return of the Homosexual Imperialists

Damage to America’s standing in the world -- as a country that respects the sovereignty of nations -- has already been done. But if Trump is pressured to embrace a global “right” to homosexuality, it could not only further undermine his support among conservative Christians but turn out to be a moral catastrophe for America and the world.........
by Cliff Kincaid.

Sobering Reflections on 2019: More Sobering Realities Coming in 2020

The past year saw the United States weather “Black Lives Matter”; “Antifa” riots; Muslim Sharia Law creeping up in city after city, La Raza competing more powerfully in the four states along the border with Mexico.  We saw 59,000 homeless in Los Angeles.........
by Frosty Wooldridge.

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