Tuesday, November 12, 2019

THE HORN NEWS 11/12/2019 JIMMY CARTER UNDERGOES BRAIN SURGERY (I hope they used a microscope!)

Impeachment inquiry: What to expect (with NO spin!)
The Democrat-led impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump is heading for national television. Here's what to expect (without ANY liberal media spin!) Read More 
WARNING: Crisis ahead for savers
[Sponsored] New law has expert warning seniors and retirees to beware. There's a darker truth behind this political event... Read Full Story Here. 
Former President Jimmy Carter undergoes brain surgery (scary)
Jimmy Carter was rushed to the hospital (again) and had to undergo surgery to relieve blood pressure on his brain. Read what his doctors are saying, and what comes next for the ex-president. Read More 
Hillary Clinton "dumbfounded" by investigation SHOCKER (WOW!)
Russia, Russia, Russia! Learn about the investigation report that Hillary Clinton says left her "dumbfounded" -- and why SHE'S suddenly asking for foreign help!
Read More 
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