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How to Deep Six the Deep State

by Cliff Kincaid

"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" was a popular song
<>  by Gil Scott-Heron. By
contrast, the Deep State Revolution against President Trump is being
televised. Some of the plotters, such as Obama's CIA director John Brennan,
are paid to go on television and promote the coup. With a former top CIA
official openly saying, "Thank God for the Deep State," in regard to the
process of impeaching President Trump, we have seen dramatic evidence of how
subversion of our elected government is being conducted brazenly and openly.
When the CIA was caught in the 1970s engaging in domestic surveillance, the
political left called it a scandal and demanded reforms. 

Today, the political left and their media allies at the New York Times would rather
scrutinize Trump's Tweets
>  for ideological bias than uncover the machinations of
the $81.5 billion-per-year
<>  intelligence
While pro-Trump authors are cashing in on books about the Deep State, they
have failed to articulate or adopt any kind of strategy to reform the CIA's
illegal and unconstitutional actions. Common sense dictates that you cannot
fight impeachment while leaving its main driver, the CIA, in place and
untouched. The CIA is just one of 17 intelligence agencies,
<>  but it has
been carrying the load against Trump.
The most recent declaration of war against Trump, "Thank God for the Deep
State," came from former CIA official John. E. McLaughlin
> , who genuflected
>  in
front of the Deep State during an appearance broadcast by C-SPAN. He was
Deputy Director and Acting Director of Central Intelligence. He was on a
panel with Obama's CIA director John Brennan that was sponsored
>  by George Mason University's
Schar School of Policy and Government and the Michael V. Hayden Center for
Intelligence, Policy, and International Security. Hayden is a former
Director of the National Security Agency and Director of the Central
Intelligence Agency.
McLaughlin's affiliations include being a member of the Council on Foreign
Relations (CFR), the club which counted Alger Hiss and Jeffrey Epstein as
members, and a Senior Fellow with the Brookings Institution. The latter was
headed for years by world government advocate and former Clinton aide Strobe
McLaughlin's outburst isn't the first time that the CIA and/or its defenders
made it abundantly clear what they are up to.
Back in April 2017, just a few months after Trump took office, the Deep
State's house organ, Foreign Affairs, published an article
<>  about
how the CIA's coup would proceed. The authors, Christopher R. Moran and
Richard J. Aldrich, acknowledged that "during the election campaign, many
senior intelligence officials publicly threw their weight" behind Hillary
Clinton. This was a reference to former CIA officials Michael Morell,
Michael Hayden and Philip Mudd denouncing Trump. Plus, former CIA operations
officer Evan McMullin ran against him as an independent presidential
The authors said that while some CIA officers would leave the agency in
protest over Trump's election, others would "fight back" and engage in
"resistance" against the president. One example of this resistance cited in
the article was the agency denying a security clearance to a top deputy to
then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Of course, Flynn was himself
targeted and forced out, after the FBI set him up. Flynn was targeted
because he had been critical of the intelligence community and the Obama
Administration's Middle East policy that gave rise to ISIS.
But the authors went further, as the Trump Administration was still in its
infancy, by saying, "Since winning the election on November 8, the president
has been buffeted by a barrage of unauthorized disclosures of classified and
confidential information, often targeting him personally, from details of
his telephone calls with foreign heads of state, to drafts of his executive
orders on immigration."
More than two years later, in the case of the CIA "whistleblower" on Ukraine
who sparked the impeachment "inquiry," we see this strategy elevated to a
new and higher level.
The authors quoted a political commentator as saying that Trump, who
promised to drain the swamp, might be the victim himself, as "the swamp is
more likely to drain him, as it did [President Richard] Nixon on August 8,
1974." The authors concluded, "He [Trump] cannot say he hasn't been warned."
This was indeed a clear warning of what we are seeing transpire right in
front of us.
The Deep State apparatus comes across in the Foreign Affairs article, "Trump
and the CIA," as a form of secret government that no elected official dares
to cross. If this is indeed the case, our elections have become meaningless,
and our elected officials are functioning as mere puppets. Foreign Affairs
is published by the CFR.
But Trump has decided, in more cases than not, to challenge the power of the
Deep State. He has gone against their advice in many ways, including his
decision to withdraw U.S. forces from northern Syria. That irritated the
Obama holdovers in the CIA because their Marxist Kurdish soldiers in Syria,
deployed for a time against ISIS, were left alone to face the Turkish Armed
Forces. Trump was not interested in getting American troops in the middle of
a conflict involving communist Kurdish fighters. "Mr. Trump suggested that
the Democrats liked the Kurds in part because they included some
communists," the New York Times reported, without noting that the
observation was factually accurate.
In fact, the Kurds practically worship a Marxist-Leninist, now in a Turkish
prison, by the name of Abdulla Ocalan, who was identified as trained by the
KGB. The Kurds have been waging war against Turkey for decades and have
killed thousands of people. Trump figured, with good reason, that it was
better to stick with Turkey than a few thousand homeless communists wedded
to the imaginary state of "Kurdistan."
How the CIA came to adopt these Marxist fighters as American "allies" is a
story that needs to be told and investigated. It was without approval by
Congress. Reports indicate the CIA spent about $1 billion on a war in Syria
that produced 500,000 dead and millions of refugees. That disastrous and
bloody policy was authorized by President Obama and carried out by John
Brennan, who was CIA director from March 2013 to January 2017. Trump wisely
decided to let the regional countries, led by NATO member and ally Turkey,
take the lead from now on. The American people have cheered his course
correction. They're tired of the non-win wars, dead soldiers, and endless
stream of wounded warriors coming out of the Middle East.
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, now a Democratic presidential candidate, was almost
alone in wanting to stop Obama's war in Syria. Her Stop Arming Terrorists
Act <>  (H.R.608) had
only 14 cosponsors.
As the CIA war against Trump continues, there has been no accountability for
what the CIA, as well as the Pentagon, did in Syria. Brennan called the
outcome "regrettable," as he went on to become a paid commentator with
President Harry Truman, a Democrat, soured on the CIA, saying in a 1963
, "Limit CIA role to Intelligence," that, "I never had any thought that when
I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger
operations..."  With all of the Communist propaganda about the CIA, Truman
added, "the last thing we needed was for the CIA to be seized upon as
something akin to a subverting influence in the affairs of other people."
Tragically, the situation is much worse today, with the CIA becoming "a
subverting influence" in the affairs of the American people.  The party of
Truman has become the vehicle for the Deep State subversion of the Trump
It's time for members of Congress, in the House and Senate, to introduce
legislation to abolish the CIA.  Otherwise, their complaints about the Deep
State can't be taken seriously.
Rep. Steve Scalise is sending out emails on behalf of House conservatives
asking for money and proclaiming, "Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats already
know what their plans are. They're going to remove President Trump from
office by ANY means necessary."
So why not at least try to abolish the element of the Deep State that is
behind the plot - the CIA? Until we see our legislators move in this
direction, we know they're not serious about saving Trump - or the American
*       Cliff Kincaid is president of America's Survival, Inc.

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