Sunday, August 11, 2019

NEWS WITH VIEWS 08/11/2019

Apostacy is Destroying the Church, Part 1

There was a time when the church would stand for what is right, defend the principles of God and the pastor was the leader in the community.  They quite often wrote the charter for the city, were the school teachers, spiritual leaders and were outright hated by the British because they kept the people informed and encouraged concerning their right to freedom from the crown..........
by Pastor Roger Anghis.

Joe Biden Sez Trump Promotes White Supremacy in Code

This explains it all. And it is classic. All the hate filled words Democrats say that Trump said were actually told in code by Trump, this way nobody would know--so burped Joe Biden on CBS TV News today, Wednesday August 7th. I kid you not. This columnist saw that news cast.........
by Rev. Austin Miles.

Judge Not?

We must proclaim the Word of God, preach the full Gospel -- including sin, judgment, repentance, faith and restoration -- and we must do all these things with the love of Christ. We must NEVER condone sin or get cozy with it.........
by Rob Pue.

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