Thursday, August 8, 2019


Laura Loomer for Congress


send me to washingtonMy name is Laura Loomer, and I'm running for Congress!

You may have heard of me as I'm the most banned woman in America.

Twitter, Paypal, Venmo, Lyft, and most recently Facebook and Instagram have banned me, on top of many others.

I was labeled a "Dangerous Individual" by Facebook execs and my picture even appeared next to Jew-hater extraordinaire, Louis Farrakhan.

Why am I considered dangerous?

Because for the past several years, I've been exposing the truth about Muslim influence in America along with showing the absolute hypocrisy of Democrats who support illegal aliens and lawless, open borders.

I'm considered enemy-number-one by the Council on American-Islamic Relations – and I'm proud of that as they've been designated as a terrorist organization by the UAE.

Trust me, as a Jewish-American patriot, you don't lose much sleep when an Islamic terrorist organization hates you. 

The media and socialist influencers have labeled me a "bigot", a "white supremacist" and even refer to me as a "Nazi" -- which is laughable considering my ancestors were forced to wear yellow stars by Hitler.

The truth is that I'm a 26 year-old Jewish woman from Florida who loves her country and wants to protect it from terrorists and those who want to implement archaic and hateful Sharia Law in our local communities.

Please back my run for Congress by becoming one of my first campaign supporters.

I also fully support the policies of President Trump . . . especially on Immigration.

I have held the mothers of children murdered by illegal, criminal aliens.

I have seen the tears and pain in their eyes as they showed me pictures of their sons and daughters who have been senselessly killed because of "tolerant" democrat policies.

The democrat I'm running against, Lois Frankel, is a three-term incumbent of Florida's 21st Congressional District.

Rather than supporting President Trump's policies – or even working to compromise – she would rather focus on "aggressive investigations" of our President.

So far in her current term representing Florida 21, Lois Frankel has voted to support President Trump's position only 5.6% of the time!

That's one of the many reasons I'm running to defeat Frankel, and to do it, I'll need your financial support.

Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar, AOC and Lois Frankel will do nearly anything to make sure I do not win this election . . . because I have been a thorn in their side as an investigative journalist.

As one of their colleagues in Congress . . . I'll be their worst nightmare.

That's why I'm reaching out to you today and asking you to become one of my first campaign contributors.

In my work as a journalist, I have proven my dedication, my work ethic, and my courage in the face of the enemy. 

Democrats know this and that's why their congressional committee, the DCCC, issued an attack against me BEFORE I EVEN ANNOUNCED MY CANDIDACY.

The DCCC demonized me saying, "This is today's Washington Republican Party, a full-blown white nationalist is running for Congress in Florida. Republicans must condemn Loomer's hate-filled message or they own it."

Their intent was to scare off other republican leaders who may support me and endorse me.

They had the opposite effect, as Republican Congressman from Arizona, Paul Gosar tweeted, "I fully endorse Laura Loomer in her quest for Congress. She has proven herself to be an army of one and embodies fearlessness."

If you agree with Dr. Gosar and want to send an "army of one" to Washington to battle the spreading influence of AOC and her "Squad", then I'm your girl.

Support my campaign by donating as much as you can contribute today. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this email, and I hope you choose to support my campaign.


Laura Loomer
Congressional Candidate for Florida's 21st District

P.S. Republican Congressman Paul Gosar called me an "army of one" in his endorsement of my candidacy to represent Florida's 21st District in Congress. But I'm never alone as I have supporters like you backing me around the nation. If you want to see me take Congress, I ask that you back my campaign now.

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