Saturday, April 6, 2019

GELLER REPORT 04/06/2019

Canada: Foul-mouthed Muslim rages at, harasses pro-freedom protesters, court awards him $11,000

The Trudeau government is responsible for this, and should be made to pay at the ballot box. But are there enough free Canadians left for that?

Hugh Fitzgerald: Swift Current’s Muslim Community Hoping for Education on Islam in Wake of Mosque Shootings [Part II]

Muslim terrorists justify their attacks by reference to specific verses in the Qur’an, verses that cannot be changed. “White supremacy” terrorists, including the lone lunatic who shot up the two mosques in New Zealand, have no textual authority in the Bible to justify murdering anyone.

WATCH Linda Sarsour whitewash the Jew-hatred of Jihad-Rep. Ilhan Omar

Sharia Sarsour continues to use her malevolent influence .to normalize Jew-hatred.

Montana: Muslim who discussed attacking synagogue and gay club arrested at gun range

Here is yet another jihad plotter who will be almost entirely ignored by the enemedia.

Jihad blast wounds at least 18 at restaurant in southern Philippines

Giving the terrorists everything they wanted was never going to end the jihad. The Philippine government should have known better.

LA: Muslim who tried to run over two Jewish men outside synagogue researched jihad attack in NYC

The family of this devout savage is insisting that he is mentally ill. They can't be serious.

Farrakhan claims to be Jesus in ‘Saviours’ Day’ address: ‘I am the Messiah’

What is horrific is the left's exaltation of these barbarians.

Turkey: Muslim throws Molotov cocktail at synagogue

Erdogan, a vicious anti-semite and former President Obama's closest friend among world leaders, has based much of his presidency on Islamic Jew-hatred.

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