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Subject: How Drug Smugglers Evade USBP Helicopters and Predator Drones--Video

Friends and Associates:

The State of Texas is in emergency status and being overrun by Central Americans in their bid to claim asylum status while using children as their weapon(s).

Here in the Lukeville / Ajo region of the Tucson Sector of Arizona, the invasion is not as bad as Texas [yet] but the same tactics are being used by illegal aliens to use children and women as a diversion while only miles away from the contact by USBP agents, an unknown amount escape into the desert of Arizona and head towards Phoenix by crossing through the Tohono O'Odham Reservation where limited resources and political indifferences between Native Americans and the Federal Government exists.

My friend Amel provides us with a few recent pics personally taken of this region in southern Arizona.

Many do not understand how the border invasion is far more complex than families "hoping for a better life" in America is. The strategy and tactics for organizing new arrivals from Central America are orchestrated by the Mexican Drug Cartel that control the southwest border.

Many of the Cartel are military trained, former police, and as I once MS-13 coyote' gang banger leading a group of 100 plus one night, declared himself In (English) that he was "Special Forces" trained at Ft. Bragg.

On the south side of the border, Cartel operatives organize migrants into groups for a common goal.....

The 'throw away' [diversion] group with little to no money for the crossing are the families and children as the first group to enter a specific entry point. The larger the better...

If the migrant is a strong young man and he does not have the average $1,500 to $2,000 to pay the Cartel operative, he is then recruited as a 'mule' to carry a 50 to 60 lb backpack of drugs.

The first group are ushered across the border at the height of Border Patrol presence in the area, including the time period of which the USBP Predator Drone passes by eastbound or westbound (Omaha 10).

FULL attention then becomes the focus by Border Patrol agents on the first group and causes other resources to be tied-up with transporting the illegal aliens.

During that time frame, and especially during shift change by USBP and before the next flyover by the Predator Drone, the secondary group with drugs, or high profile criminals, Middle Eastern, Chinese (in some cases), and those that have a criminal record of being in the U.S. before and deported, move silently through the night a distance away from where USBP agents are busy with families and children.

Regardless of the Sensors and Thermal Imaging Cameras on towers in remote areas of the desert.....if most USBP resources are tied-up with a large group, they cannot respond in-order to attempt an intercept of the 'bad ones' as they maneuver north and zig zag towards the Tohono Reservation.

At night, when USBP detects a group of drug smugglers by sensors and cameras, they can only predict where they might be at a given time [later]. To use a helicopter with thermal cameras and search lights does NOT always work because the group are instructed on how to hide from thermal imaging by simply squatting under a bush with a large 30 gallon black plastic bag over them. Which is the other reason why they carry water jugs painted black.

In 2008 myself and others tracked an estimated 160 plus illegal aliens on a thermal Imaging Camera mounted on a 25 ft pole attached to the back of my SUV and when USBP showed-up with 15 units and two helicopters, the ENTIRE GROUP went undetected and were able to flee the area.

It's a hit and miss situation and more "technology" is not the answer to stopping the invasion that is growing day by day.

The "Wall" helps, but it is the (eVerify) businesses that need to be strictly enforced and the welfare system that needs to be changed while deportation should be increase ten-fold. However, because of the cost to fly plane loads of deportees back to Central America, it should be the responsibility of the Mexican Government to accept the deportee at the border and bus them back, since Mexico was complicit in the first place.

The crisis at the border is growing and Moderate Democrats are not happy with their own party, collapsing in their faces over this issue to turn America into a Third World country under a Utopian Socialist ideology with Communism as the government. 

The Democrats are handing Trump a 2020 win.....

---Dave Bertrand  

Bp Agents Encounter 128 Illegal Immigrants Border Abandoned By Smugglers

Members Of The Arizona National Guard Transported Border Patrol Vehicles From Ajo To Tucson Ariz

According To U S Customs And Border Protection Agents Patrolling West Of The Lukeville Port Entry Found Two Large Groups Immigrants Totaling 264

Image To Enlarge U S Customs And Border Protection Ajo Station Patrol

Sean Hannity 4/5/19 | Breaking Fox News Hannity (The Border Crisis in Texas)

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