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BERTRAND DAILY REPORT  The War For Your Mind & Soul Continues

Subject: Dec 5th [D5] GHWB Funeral Diversion, What We Have To Watch For, Panic, Suicides, Chaos, Deep State Backlash, Gun Control Initiatives --Videos  

Friends and Associates:

According to FoxNews Sara Carter and John Solomon, Monday will begin a series of events we have been waiting for. A (new) [Clinton Foundation] 'whistleblower' will be interviewed (Monday) and the latest "Q" posts numbering 17 over the weekend, affirms the panic by the Deep State as [D5] closes-in.

And it appears....Comey is key to everything concerning the [Clinton Foundation], desperately trying to avoid a closed-door hearing where Republican led congressmen are not restricted to 5 minutes each.

Note: The (other) [Clinton Foundation] whistleblower that recently had his house raided, is nothing but a diversion and is insignificant.

Ep. 862 Is the Raid on the Clinton Foundation Whistleblower a Head fake? The Dan Bongino Show.   

Comey wants "transparency" an absolute concocted plan to allow him to avoid answering questions in public.

According to "Q".....Mueller is facing an arrest and outlines his numerous activities involving 'Uranium One,' the Clintons, and his trip to Moscow with a uranium sample. His mission, as Special Council, is and was to create a barrier between the Deep State and Trump.'s about to be blown wide-open when the [DECLAS] is revealed (either) very soon or after the Comey, Clinton and Lynch hearings this week.

If it wasn't bad enough that Huber is about to release his findings, along with the [DECLAS] soon, detailing unbelievable corruption....Judicial Watch, a citizen's watchdog organization continues to slam the Deep State over and over again. Good job Mr. Fitton.....

Judicial Watch: Tom Fitton's Weekly Update: Cohen Plea Deal Shows Mueller Out to Get Trump...& More!

There are still rogue Deep State players within the DoJ, FBI and of course Congress.....all pushing back like never before in-order to stop any and all investigations against Comey and HRC et al.

Obama has got to be worried at this stage of the game......

The Deep State will NOT be done, no matter what is revealed soon and further attempts to create diversions, false flags, etc will get worse. An attempted assassination on President Trump at the G20 in Argentina was diverted......obviously a Deep State attempt.

Top Deep State player dead, and a great news diversion......

[12.1]George Bush - Q Patch Proof - Analyzing Common Anti-Q Arguments  

Remember.....the Deep State has tentacles around the planet in governments, intelligence networks, Wall Street and the Central Banks worldwide, and the very top players (living mostly in Europe) have all their lower minions and intelligence agency heads on 'speed dial.'

Focus, by the top players in the Deep State, is now on Comey and Hillary, of whom has vowed to "take everyone down" with her and continues to blackmail her (once) supporters. Weird "suicide" cases continue to have connections to Clinton. 

Hillary Clinton was to be their best of the best minions as president as government heads around the world pumped billions of dollars into her Clinton Foundation accordingly. Her mission was to help the Deep State reduce America to Third World status by several actions and false flags events....including, providing China technology and insider information for an eventual war.

Many "Q Deniers" believing the fakestream media push to suggest that "Q" is a [LARP] will be proven wrong.

There has never been a major push to suggest "Q" is a basement dweller (with incredible data) by the media, including the sell-out Alex Jones, since the 9/11 Truth movement took-off almost immediately after the 9/11 false flag.

Understanding how the CIA 'Mockingbird' fakestream media operates, a reasonable smart person can see that when thousands of articles....demonizing "Q" are circulated, you have to ask yourself.....WHY??? Obviously meant to slow "Q" down and not cause the awakening of upcoming events to proceed. Wakeup !!!

"Q" team have a mission and that mission is the drop breadcrumbs for the Patriots, and the other is to confuse and force the Deep State to react. "Q" deniers refuse to discuss the hundreds of top players (already) forced to resign, fired, and many arrested. Worldwide pedophile / child trafficking networks are currently being destroyed and the 60,000 plus sealed indictments are real...

"Q" team have explicit intel on HRC being secretly in China, during a meeting with other Deep State players and it was revealed (by "Q") this past week and will be further revealed very soon. I will bet that HRC could easily disappear and/or suicide herself at some point. She does not envision herself living-out her life in GITMO with Obama, Comey and Mueller, etc. If she doesn't bottle down a quart of vodka with a handful of sleeping pills, I will be surprised....however, there are Deep State top players watching [her] closely and might have to shut her down. If she gets-off scot-free and is further exonerated, I believe Trump will not remain in office past 2020. 

The corruption is so very far over-the-top, the outcome will send the Left into a frenzy. There is no doubt, the Deep State are planning riots in America, once the [DECLAS] is fully revealed. (IMO) Martial Law cannot be taken-off the table.....

The arrests will begin soon....and (IMO) it would be in the President's best interest (in-order to get directly to the world) an 'Emergency State of the Union' presentation, outlining what has happened, who is (currently being arrested by Military Police nationwide) and "I find it necessary for the safety of all Americans to declare Martial Law in the following cities."

If that were to happen, the United States will (then) be free of the Deep State corruption to destroy America by a Socialist / Communist plan to eliminate the Constitution while falling in-step with the United Nations.


The Constitution will become null and void under some type of emergency order, where (our) 1st Amendment will be immediately silenced by the corrupt Google / Social Media platforms, either by direct action by military or law enforcement on certain individuals nationwide....or a massive blackout.

The ONLY news will be from the fakestream media.......the fear factor spewed will be enough to sway millions of Americans into it is already happening, but with opposition.

Note: There are many in the fakestream media that colluded with the CIA / Deep State with fake leaked news and confidential facing criminal action soon. PANIC ???

The major mission by the Deep State players, lower level and middle levels, if such an event happens from a failed Trump move against the Deep State occurs, will be immediate legislation by each state to confiscate and/or force legal gun owners to turn-in weapons within 24 hours of notice or face arrest and felony charges.

The Deep State has to be very careful on how a gun confiscation plan would proceed, and we can see how it's already shaping-up to allow for expansion in other states. New York is a prime example, a governor that wants to run against Trump in 2020, is attempting to force all (legal) gun owners to provide all of their social media passwords !! Specifically looking for anti-Deep State rhetoric......

Gun ownership is what it's all about NOW !!

The 2nd Amendment 'Shall not be infringed," PERIOD !!! However, each state regulates non-criminal gun owners while a criminal, or a very deranged individual doesn't abide by state laws. For Utah, if you shot some moron in defense of your life and law enforcement discovers that you failed to have the first chamber of your revolver EMPTY, or that you did NOT have to chamber your .45 before shooting the perp of whom has the advantage on you...if you followed the state law, YOU GO TO JAIL and your lawyer fees and bail would place you in debt.

Forget travelling with weapons into California or most any state in the Northeast, because...if you DON'T follow each state's gun laws, as you are subject to an easy arrest by an over zealous (anti-gun) cop during a traffic, you could lose you vehicle in the process.

If you travel by vehicle into different states....I STRONGLY encourage you to review the laws before you go by checking: 

I'm focusing on gun ownership as your 'right to bear arms' and for the specific purpose of defending your property, your life and your family from criminal acts....but more importantly (if necessary) to help defend the United States from enemies foreign and domestic. A tyrannical government will focus (first) directly on all gun owners. They did it in Venezuela and they will do it here.....if we allow it !

While America is transitioning through a [DECLAS] of major proportion, the Socialist slugs on the Left, in local and state governments, are prepping for such an act of treason by creating bizarre laws to force gun owners to either hide their weapons or turn them in.....or even allow your pissed-off neighbor or estranged family member to turn you in as being "dangerous." NO DUE enforcement shows up and demands your weapons on-the-spot !

A man in Maryland was faced with that experience and was shot by law enforcement because he refused....

The big push by the Deep State is to use the medical profession as their 'gun grabbers' by helping Socialist slugs create laws to define certain health and mental conditions as a law to take your guns. Depressed or mild PTSD while on Prozac....boom, guns grabbed ! about this: Gun owner denied CPL for legally using marijuana | KOMO Why do you think the Left is pushing hard for 'Recreational Marijuana' in all states?

Too many returning military vets are being diagnosed with PTSD on those NOT even declaring PTSD as a possible mental health condition, while others use PTSD as a means to collect military disability without considering the fact.....their weapons are at risk of being taken.

The push, in the beginning by veterans declaring they had PTSD, was laughed at by doctors as a fake mental health claim, but someone got the bright idea to go ahead and use PTSD as a ruse to eventually take all weapons from (well trained) military vets that COULD become a strong resistance against a tyrannical government. 

I'm not downplaying PTSD, because it is a well known fact (now) that a tragic event in your life can trigger a PTSD event and does NOT have to be military / war related. The point being.....PTSD is being used as the 'gun grabbing' excuse, and is also tied to the expanding (Zero Tolerance) 'Domestic Violence, [Colorado Law] where (usually) both parties get arrested now. The first thing the judge orders, is a 24 hour requirement to sell your weapons or turn them-in to your local police department. Good luck with getting your weapons back...

The more and more THEY figure-out loop holes in current laws by tying gun ownership with those laws, the gun confiscation plan is underway. Throw-in a Trump / [DECLAS] backfire (or assassination) and we will see each state begin a major push to create more laws against legal gun owners...and of course, it comes down from the Deep State mid-level and top players for the eventual take-down of America.'s the problem about a concealed carry permit.

First, the 2nd Amendment is your permit, but good luck with that ! most states, a carry permit just happens to pop-up during a traffic stop and is attached to your tag information. In those states where vehicle tags are read automatically, like in Memphis and many other localities, your tag information shows-up on the officer's computer screen as he is driving.

If you have not checked each state's gun laws before entering, even if you have an out-of-state carry permit, you are subject to harassment by being stopped. It happened to me in Texas for that very control on at 55 mph and the trooper stops me for doing 68 mph. I had a Tennessee carry permit and the Texas Department of Safety gave me a complete shake-down, but nicely asked me if I had a weapon on me, I replied "yes," and asked me to slowly remove it and place it on the passenger seat and then exit the vehicle.

Somehow, I was given just a "Warning" and I was on my way.....

That situation could have turned-out a lot worse for me. in a state where a carry permit is not required, travelling into other states can easily cause me to accidently screw-up and off to jail I would go. I view a carry permit as the lower hanging fruit on the tree and when the time comes for a full blown confiscation of weapons, they will know who has a weapon, especially when you are driving.

The problem though......

Because each state is making it tougher for those without a carry permit, which is basically un-constitutional, the need to get a carry permit for me again, is in the cards.

However....I recently felt the need to protect myself (financially and criminally) by signing-up for USCCA protection. I am paying $22/mo for immediate access to a criminal defense lawyer with no financial limit for defense, immediate bail taken care of, and if by some odd chance I have to defend myself, and if the perp doesn't die, he can sue me no matter what he attempted to do to kill or harm me, or if he dies....his family can sue me accordingly. Their attorney will lie and I could end-up bankrupt overnight, and maybe sentenced to prison for defending myself or others. 

Even're confronted by someone that says they have a weapon and will kill you, or has a pull your weapon, but you don't shoot, because he takes-off....guess what happens next?

Depending upon where you are, the 'brandishing' of a weapon is a criminal offense, let alone discharging your weapon within the city limits.

EVEN if you KNOW you will be exonerated for your actions, you will be arrested and a Leftist prosecutor will pull obscured laws out-of-his *sshole to go after you.

Note: Most states DO NOT require a CCW holder to immediately tell an officer at a traffic stop that he/she is carrying a weapon....BUT, it's a damn if you do and damn if you don't. It's better to inform the officer immediately and don't look nervous, or he will react on you.

Cop Under Investigation After Concealed Carry Arrest

The legal gun owner is slowly being downgraded to 2nd class status and demonized as [potentially] unstable, dangerous or not trained.....regardless of any prior military or law enforcement experience as if to suggest, you are not worthy of defending yourself and it all goes out the window when you are a civilian carrying weapon.

As the former AG Eric Holder stated before an audience, it all starts in the public school system and "brainwashing students" is necessary..... in that, guns have no place in society. Coming from a Deep State idiot that denied the truth about 'Fast and Furious' is said to be coming back to haunt him and Obama.

Protecting yourself, family and property is becoming more difficult each day and one tiny mistake WILL put you in jail.... 

So...$22/mo I have access to an attorney and bail, and if sued in civil court by the perp or family, I'm covered up to $500,000......even if I make a mistake !

I urge you as Bertrand Daily Report subscribers to look at and get protected. I also encourage you to get for your online protection.

WE are under attack at all levels and it can get much worse, therefore....WE must begin planning ahead for the worse case scenario(s) and hope for the best.

It's just a matter of time when everything will be revealed and it will rock the Deep State to no end and (our) chances of being confronted by criminal elements (taking advantage of a crisis) jumps 90% and depending upon where you live, the gun laws could easily bite you and can happen for some really minimal reasons.

We don't have much time before the SHTF and being prepared and ready is very important. Anything and everything from a false flag, rioting and chaos is expected soon. The [DECLAS] is monumental and should not be taken lightly, regardless of what you think "Q" has said.

Please go to  and look at the various plans for protecting yourself and your family. could easily subject yourself to a situation you never dreamed would happen and like they say..."if it can go will go wrong."  KBUX is a strong supporter of the Bertrand Daily Report, so please use the link when you sign-up for protection with the USCCA. It helps them and helps me...

Ranchers on the border are the most vulnerable for the need to carry weapons on a daily basis and (sometimes) having to hold [armed] MS-13 or other dangerous types crossing with drugs into their area at gun point when confronted is a common reality. USBP (for the most) understand the situation and NEVER question a rancher's actions.

What can happen though....the Mexican Consulate gets involved and forces law enforcement to investigate the stand-off. Depending upon how America changes, that act alone by protecting yourself and family could cause a rancher to lose their property. That has aready happened in a case a decade ago in Arizona.

Stay vigilant and prepared....things are about to get real dicey soon.

---Dave Bertrand


A Recap by Cathy Cadoni (BDR Researcher)

E. Nov. 30 2018 8:48 pm EST A Red Pill Post, Sierra: "A Red-Pilling Post" by Sierra (NZ) - 11.30.18 

1. A general summary of the current situation, what has been going on behind the scenes:

2. President Trump and the Alliance are preparing to arrest the Deep State Cabal - the Bushes, the Clintons, etc. This Cabal comprises all the evil people who were behind 9/11, sex trafficking of women and children, child sacrifice etc etc. The list of their heinous crimes is so vast and so appalling, it would make you vomit if you did the research. The Vatican is heavily involved too - hence all the recent publicity about priests and pedophilia.

3. In the first week of December, Hillary Clinton will be questioned about the Clinton Foundation. It's a front for massive financial donations from world governments - the money has been used for sex-trafficking operations. 

4. New Zealand, my home country, donated $8 million to the Foundation via our Prime Minister John Key, who was Deep State/cabal. That's why he suddenly resigned: he knew the game was up.

5. Military tribunals start in USA on 1 Jan. to prosecute these evil people. Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba (GITMO) has been expanded to accommodate them. The prison expansion is public knowledge - you can look it up. These tribunals will be like the Nuremberg Trials at the end of WW2. They will stun humanity because the truth will finally be revealed.

6. Because of the shocking nature and scale of the Deep State/cabal's heinous crimes against humanity, a great deal of the evidence will never been shared in public. It would cause people to go crazy - literally.

From the Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Your Comments Are Welcomed and Can Be Published Unless You Specify otherwise.

Retired Int'l Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727), Former (State) Law Enforcement, U.S. Customs (UC) Sector 5, Vietnam era Veteran (Korea), Embry Riddle Aeronautical University & University of Alaska (Undergraduate), Interests include Border Security, 9/11 Conspiracy, Government Corruption, New World Order, Freedom vs Communism, Secret Space Programs & UFO Encounters, Aviation, and Enjoy Living Off-The-Grid From Arizona to Montana Each Year.

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