Tuesday, June 19, 2018

GELLER REPORT 06/19/2018

 Today's Headlines


Outrage as a Thousand Muslims Pray in French Street Following End of Ramadan

France banned street prayer but sharia law supersedes man-made law. Takbir!

“Middle Eastern” men accost Dutch chief rabbi’s son and family, “F*** all Jews,” “Cancer Jews”

The son of a chief rabbi of the Netherlands and his family were accosted on the street by people he said intimidated the family, shouting at them “cancer Jews.”

Quran found in vehicle used by jihadis to ram French police

The jihadis are inspired by the Quran and cite it chapter and verse. No one takes issue with that. But when we point that out, we are smeared, defamed and slandered.

Illegal Alien From Mexico Charged With Killing 14-Year-Old Boy Riding His Bike

Once again, borders take front and center, as an illegal alien working as a waiter in Michigan is arrested and charged with killing a teenage boy who was riding his bike.

Maine: Muslima on Portland police force resigns after being charged with assault and battery and resisting arrest

The Portland Police Department’s first Somali police officer resigned Sunday before the department could complete an internal affairs investigation prompted by her arrest at a Massachusetts nightclub in January.

Indian Chess Star Soumya Swaminathan Refuses To Wear Headscarf, Withdraws From Iran Event

"I understand the organisers expecting us to wear our National Team Dress or Formals or Sporting attire for our games during official championships, but surely there is no place for an enforceable religious dress code in Sports."

Muslim car mechanic from UK who became top ISIS bomb maker revealed as the reason US banned laptops on flights

Hamayun Tariq, from Dudley, had plans to smuggle bombs 'disguised as laptop batteries.'

FBI Agent Who Questioned Hillary for Email Problem Called Her ‘The President’ — 4 Months Before Election

The same FBI agent who had questioned Hillary Clinton about her email server scandal was actually calling her "the president" four days earlier, and four months before the election. Conflict of interest, anyone?

Jihadi Who Stabbed Family of 3 to Death Bakes Ramadan Cookies

A riot broke out in an Israeli prison after an inmate who stabbed a Jewish family to death was allowed to bake cookies in his cell for Ramadan.

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