Monday, April 23, 2018


Kelli Ward is running for Arizona Senate to solve real problems for Americans in her state and around the country.
One of those problems she saw up close. Taking a tour of the border and lack of a wall, Kelli Ward made clear she will fight tooth and nail to get the wall built if elected. 

Her stance is in contrast to the Senator she is trying to replace. Jeff Flake, the Never Trump GOP Senator has never fought for a border wall and has never fought for true conservative principles.  
That's why conservatives must work to elect a woman who will fight for their beliefs, ideas and principles and never back down!
Source: Fox News

Kelli Ward on Visit to AZ Ranch: 'DC Insiders' Claim Border Is Secure, But It's Not

U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward - who has visited the southern border multiple times - said getting from one side to the other is as easy as stepping under a fence in some places.
"We're supposed to believe that the four flimsy strands of barbed wire, between Mexico and the United States, are supposed to protect our border from the traffickers," she said, adding that 25 miles of the ranch is up against Mexico. 
Ward argues that "insiders" in Washington, D.C. claim that the border is secure and attack her positions, but her visit to the ranch shows the need for a wall.
Kelli has experience as a state politician working to better the lives of real Americans, all while she served her community as an emergency room physician.
Kelli Ward will be a loud voice for funding a border wall and fighting against sanctuary cities.
She supports tax cuts and is committed to helping middle-class and working Americans.
Washington D.C. needs more women like Kelli Ward!
That's why she is endorsed by Senator Rand Paul, TV host Laura Ingraham and others.  
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