Tuesday, March 20, 2018

GELLER REPORT 03/20/2018

 Today's Headlines

Golden West College: Campus Cops Crack Down on Questions about Islam

During the event, Professor Clancy called in campus police and she admonished a couple of the people in the audience who had asked pointed questions.

“Palestinian” President Abbas calls U.S. Ambassador Friedman ‘son of a dog’

It's in the Quran. Respect it! This is what the left demands we submit to. This is their idea of a "peace partner"

Democrat DC lawmaker blames Jews for bad weather

There are few remarks made by someone in a position of authority that could be more profoundly ignorant, stupid and bigoted than the ones made by DC Council Member White.

Al Sharpton’s Group And Black Lives Matter Team Up For Pro-Farrakhan Protest

Several black activist groups are holding a protest on Monday in defense of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite and racist revealed to have close ties to prominent Democratic politicians and activists.

UK: Muslim couple ‘torture, starve, murder” naive French nanny, 21, throwing her on a bonfire at their million dollar London home

Sabrina Kouider killed 'naive and vulnerable' Sophie Lionnet, 21, after a 'brutal and oppressive inquisition' that saw her starved, mistreated and violently assaulted.
Kouider and partner Ouissem Medouni, 40, who are also French, are said to have held her prisoner at their million dollar home home in Wimbledon, South West London, in the days before her death.

Orban: “We sent home the [Ottoman] sultan with his army…Now we will send home Uncle George [Soros]

“We sent home the [Ottoman] sultan with his army, the Habs­burg kaiser with his raiders and the Soviets with their comrades,” Orban thundered to an adoring crowd of more than 100,000 people in central Budapest this past week. “Now we will send home Uncle George.”

Deep state attacks: Gov’t ‘Fusion Centers’ spying on patriots concerned about Islam

"If you don’t like mosques, they’re gonna be after you, they’re watching you."

Mass Islamic bomb threats are sent to more than 400 schools and colleges across the UK

Parents at schools have asked to be able to pick their children up amid fears over the emails. One pupil told the Bristol Post: 'The police are currently searching our bags and persons for unknown items.
'We have been told not to leave the class rooms... we are scared and confused and have no idea what is going on.'

Saturday Night Terror: Muslim rams his car into crowded UK nightclub during concert: ‘I saw the headlights coming towards us. There was nowhere to go’

More than a dozen people were injured last night when a Muslim ploughed his SUV into a busy nightclub.
Revellers suffered broken bones after the vehicle was driven on to a dancefloor in a marquee at the venue in Gravesend, Kent, shortly before midnight.

VIDEO: Woman assaulted for refusing to wear hijab #MeToo? Not for women longing to be free

#MeToo a vainglorious movement for women who screwed for parts but didn't get the fame they were promised. Their johns came up short.

Arizona: Two women get felony burglary charges for entering a mosque and taking brochures

Two Arizona women have been arrested and charged with burglary after they went to a mosque — with three children in tow — and recorded themselves mocking the Muslim faith.

Police ‘Victim Blame’ Telford Sex Abuse Victims as Young as 11 in Memo Telling Officers: “In Most Cases, the Sex is Consensual’

Police responding to the Telford sex grooming scandal were outed in a memo telling fellow officers that "in most cases, the sex is consensual." And they're talking about girls who, in some cases, were as young as 11 years old.

Free Speech Lawsuit: American Freedom Defense Initiative v. King County “Brief on the Merits”

“We now hold that this provision violates the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment. It offends a bedrock First Amendment principle: Speech may not be banned on the ground that it expresses ideas that offend.”

The #MeToo Set’s Silence on the Rape of Working-Class Girls by Muslim Males is Deafening

The #MeToo movement's been making quite a wave in America, rocking the likes of Hollywood. But what about all the Muslim men who use rape as part and parcel of their cultural identities -- of their socially-approved means of keeping women in their submissive place? The left's strangely silent on this.

SPLC Pulls Three Russia-Related Articles After Challenges to Accuracy

The Southern Poverty Law Center was forced to remove several articles from its website after receiving numerous challenges to their accuracy. The notorious defamer of conservatives has itself been called out and called to account.

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