Monday, February 12, 2018


Lee S Gliddon Jr

I listen to various news programs and have come to the conclusion that the Democrats and Democrat pundits are lying and are trying to sell their lies and 'spinning' the facts of news articles.

When questioned by reporters anytime a Democrat cannot come up with a salable spin the answer to the questions asked are subjected to, "This is under investigation and I cannot speak of such things."

Currently this nation is facing a crisis. Factually there are so many crises  created by elected officials one must wonder just who dreams up the schemes  they are trying desperately  to hide from the American citizenry?

The FBI, DOJ, IRS, CIA, NSA were corrupted long ago with Liberal intent. Enter Obama and long laid plans were put into action. Obama served 2 terms and was so sure that Hillary would be his successor that he neglected to ask himself one question...That question was...'What if... '

What happened is that Donald J Trump won an election that had been, so they thought, rigged for Hillary Clinton.

The Establishment, made up of Democrats and corrupt Republicans went into a 'panic mode.'

As Democrats knew of the Liberal leanings of their plants within the FBI, DOJ, IRS, CIA and NSA their Plan A was put into effect. That plan was to sell the U.S. citizenry the story of Trump having colluded with Russia and thereby stole the election.

Little did these small minded group of thugs realize two things. 1. The American citizenry  is not stupid; 2. Trump was aware of the trap being set and adroitly side stepped.

With the Liberal media behind them this group of Establishment remain convinced they can continue to sell their lies. So...the twisting of truth continues.

Again they are forgetting two things. 1. The American citizenry is not stupid; 2. Donald J Trump, now President Trump, is unafraid of them and knows what is right for America! 

Also...President Trump knows twisting is lying and is not spinning.

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