Monday, February 12, 2018

GELLER REPORT 02/02/2018

Today's Headlines

Minnesota: Hijab-wearing sharia apologist running for Mayor of Rochester

Regina Mustafa says she hopes to be a voice for all of Rochester, but accuses critics of sharia of "fearmongering and hate."

ANOTHER Get-Trump Dossier uncovered – this one by the Obama State Dept

It's time for the Trump administration at appoint a special prosecutor.

Family of Muslima foreign student who slaughtered Aussie host family member defends killer, denies terror links

THE family of a foreign student charged with an Islamic State–inspired terrorist attack has denied the “brilliantly academic” woman has any links to Islamic terrorists. The families of these jihadis always lie. That's their jihad.

Obama provided Iran with stealth drone that penetrated Israel’s border

Geller Report readers remember when then President Obama refused and rejected numerous proposals to retrieve lost U.S. drone.

Sweden to deport American student but gives jihadis housing and benefits

American student Miranda Andersson, was told to leave Sweden after she didn’t have enough money in her bank account for a short period.

TERROR VIDEO: Terrifying moment church-goers attacked by long sword-wielding attacker, priest stabbed, Virgin Mary statue beheaded

A church congregation was attacked with a sword at a church in Indonesia Four people were seriously injured including a priest at the Sunday Mass. Devout Muslims in the Muslim country have mounted attacks against Christians.

VIDEO: Muslim migrant removes mezuzahs from Jewish homes in Antwerp, attacks Jews, places qurans in synagogues

Footage from security cameras in the area shows a Muslim refugee removing the mezuzahs from the homes of Jewish residents of Antwerp.
The same Muslim was arrested several weeks ago for placing Qurans in synagogues.

Jihad terror suspect and sex offender with 17 ­aliases is able to get a job at Heathrow Airport with runway access

A terror suspect and sex offender with 17 aliases has reportedly been working at Britain's busiest airport in an alarming security breach.

The 21st-century Beatles: Bloodthirsty ISIS jihadis

Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh, the remaining members of the notorious execution group nicknamed ‘The Beatles’ were detained by US-allied Kurdish militia fighters in January.

France: Muslim ‘The Voice’ singer quits reality show over pro-jihad, anti-Semitic tweets

A French singer has quit the TV reality show ‘The Voice’ after her tweets about terrorism and Israel sparked a backlash.

List of Anti-Trump Politicians and Institutions Who Colluded with the Russians

Here are seven American politicians and institutions who have or are at least suspected of colluding with the Russians as a means to destroy President Trump.

Trump: Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital Was Pinnacle of My First Year

Reflecting on his first year in office in a recent interview with the Israeli daily newspaper Israel Hayom, President Donald Trump said that his official recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was the pinnacle of his presidency so far.

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