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Never Have Doubt in the Lord

There are times when a Christian, even a Christian of strength, harbors doubt as to what the Lord has in store for them in this lifetime on earth. All too many Christians say that they never doubt what is in store for them, but perhaps they are only fooling themselves instead of facing the truth.

Look at the times of the Bible. God instructed Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Moses did as instructed only to find himself and his followers on the shores of the Red Sea with the army of the Egyptians in close pursuit. Moses prayed to God for His intervention and got an answer.

Exodus 14:16 “Use your shepherds staff- hold it out over the water, and a path will open up before you through the sea.”

The Israelites could not help but see the ‘pillar of fire’ that protected them from the Egyptian army as the night passed. The Israelites could not have failed to witness the Red Sea as it parted and witnessed the wind that blew that same night that caused the pathway before them, through the Red Sea, made dry.

After crossing through the sea and emerging on the other side the Israelites could not have failed to witness their pursuers, the Egyptian army, and attempt to use that same dry path only to become engulfed by the water as God allowed the sea to close upon them.

To the average Christian that scene is something we can only imagine. We have seen movies as they have attempted to depict such a scene, but when the vast numbers of Israelites is taken into consideration, the parting of the Red Sea had to be wondrous indeed. Imagine a dry pathway in sufficient width top accommodate the passage of 2 million men, women and children.

Even after witnessing such an astounding miracle as the parting of the Red Sea it took only 3 days, yes 3 days for the Israelites to register their first complaint with Moses. It is hard to imagine how anyone, let alone over 2 million people who had just been delivered from bondage, walked on dry land through a sea and,   seen their pursuers destroyed, doubt God in any way whatever.

Yet, they did!

Exodus 14:24 Then the people turned against Moses. “What are we going to drink?” they demanded

After seeing Moses follow God’s direction and gaining the safety of lands across the Red Sea they again doubted God’s will.

We all know the story of the Golden Calf. We know how God gave the Israelites the country of Israel after having them wander in the desert for forty years. The gift of freedom, manna from heaven, potable water, and food aplenty should have convinced any man of God’s love, yet, it did not!

Let’s jump forward in time. Let us consider Elijah.

Elijah led a life of amazing faith and was bestowed many gifts directly from God. At Mount Carmel Elijah called down from heaven fire to consume the sacrifice he made to God; he wiped out 400 priests of Baal; he prayed for a drought, and then prayed for the rain that God sent to end that self same drought; then cried out to the Lord, I have failed You.

Elijah was taken up to the Lord as even though he feared from time to time, he lived a life in total dedication to the Lord our God.

King David was one of God’s most faithful servants and prophesied. King David also sent a man to his death just to gain that man’s wife. He fell but he always cried out in times of need to God for His direction and blessings.

Peter, a disciple and Apostle of Jesus denied Jesus out if fear.

Matthew 26: 69-70 Meanwhile Peter was sitting outside in the courtyard, a servant girl came over and said to him, ”You are one of those with Jesus the Galilean..” But Peter denied it in front of everyone…

 Now, when I say that, “All too many Christians doubt what the Lord has in store for them here on earth.” I am telling you that to have such doubt is part of our human weakness. Not a one of us can say that we live in total confidence of what lies ahead here on earth. We experience illness, commit sins, and do not always live in accordance with God’s wishes. Let me tell you something that you can rely on as being true.

I have not met a single Christian that has not, at one time or another,had a particular need that he or she prayed for and got an answer, but failed to see that answer! Many pray for financial matters and fail to see that what they have is a result of what they prayed for. Many pray for ill ones and do not realize that God has indeed granted a healing. That healing, often spiritual, goes unrecognized. The person voicing that prayer failed to see that the ill person was at ease with his or her physical condition as they had gained spiritual truth and peace in their life. I could go on but I think you can see my point. That point is, never doubt that your weakness or humanity is not shared by other Christians. If over 2 million Israelites, Elijah, King David, Peter and scores of others doubted or denied our Lord, then were granted forgiveness, then you can rest assured that you will also be forgiven.

If any has a doubt of my message, ask yourself…of any that I have named, Moses, Elijah, King David, Peter, and others been condemned by God? 
Allow me to say, and with confidence, Jesus Christ suffered an agonizing earthly death for you and for me. His death served as atonement for all the sins we confess to God and receive forgiveness from those sins.

Let us each ask God to eradicate all earthly doubts we may harbor and continue to deliver us from evil.

(Closing prayer)

Almighty God, Father of us all we come to You with hearts filled with praise and undying love for You. You are our reason for being and although we often fall in recognizing that please forgive us our humanity.

Father, erase all fears and doubts that we may encounter over the course of our earthy lives and strengthen our resolve to be the Christians we desire to be. It is by Your Divine love and mercy that we can say. “We are saved by the Blood of Christ.”

If there is ever a time that any one of us must face an ordeal that we cannot avoid, please be with us and assist us in facing that ordeal with the knowledge that You are there for us and our salvation is assured.

Lord, we thank You for all You have given us and for all that You will give us in the future. Please allow us to recognize the blessings You bestow upon us and to be ever thankful for them.

Father, we have a military that is protecting us from evil. Please send Your angels to assist them and keep every one of them free from harm and in Your grace. You are their God and we ask that You keep them from harm. Bless our elected officials and if any fail to keep our county’s best interests in mind, counsel them and change their hearts.

All these things we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, You Son, who is One with You and the Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever,

Amen, amen and amen

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