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 Ann Coulter: No DACA Amnesty 'Until There's a Wall and Hell Freezes Over'

I repeat my previous statement on this topic:

I would like for Pres. Trump to add to this statement - ADD that no more *immigrants* will be granted entry until ALL those who are here right now, ILLEGALLY, or on some sort of phoney visa loop hole have been deported.  Until we clean out the ILLEGALS we keep dealing with the same problems over and over.  The costs associated with all facets of the ILLEGALS is enough to fully fund education, of provide low cost health care for those who can't afford it.  All the money now being spent on educating - providing medical attention, police officers, jails, and all the insurance claims created by ILLEGALS (auto wrecks, burglary, assaults, etc) is an expense that needs to be ended right now.

ILLEGALS add nothing productive or constructive to the American economy.   Lets allow the kids to go back to picking fruit and veggies and all the other things that kids did when I was a kid.  We learned how to work, earned some cash and the farmers had willing workers that were LEGAL AMERICANS.  It was a WIN WIN for Americans.  Now it is CORPORATIONS who own and run the *farms* and they demand the cheapest labor there is ignoring the LAW on who they hire.  They watch only their PROFIT line and they will charge whatever the market will bear so the scare of charging more if they hire Legal workers is co much BS - if they jack the price up too high no one will buy so they LOSE - and that is not what they will do.  The old Family farm was concerned about far more than the bottom line - which is what made America great back then.  Corporate Farmers only watch the bottom line.

All the Tech outfits do the same thing but use different tactics.  Time to force Billy Gates and his ilk to use AMERICAN WORKERS and charge a little LESS for the faulty products they sell.  They don't need to live on those multi-multi- million dollar compounds they live in - Hire Americans and make do with fewer swimming pools and airplanes.  No more foreign hires for the *shop* or as Nannies and household help.

No more welfare to able bodied people.  No more Anchor babies.  No more Social Security checks to ILLEGALS - especially if those checks are sent to an out of country bank  There are so many loop-holes to close and cause the HAND OUTS to end - thus ending the attraction for the ILLEGALS to come here.  Another avenue we can do is to send a bill to the foreign country those ILLEGALS belong to.  If the home country fails to pay up then ALL foreign aide that goes that direction dries up at once and is never resumed.
America is NOT the Global Wet Nurse - time to let the *supply* dry up and force those sucking off of us to find a way to feed their own... at home.

We do NOT need immigration *reform* as the Pro-ILLEGALS love to repeat over and over.  What we NEED is Immigration ENFORCEMENT!!!!.  America has a good set of rules on how to enter America and if that was ENFORCED we wouldn't have the
M-13 problems or the Chain Immigration or the Anchor Baby - or any of the other mountains of problems we are now subjected to.  Also all those *refugees need to return to the land they left.  We have more than enough LEGAL AMERICANS in dire need of assistance.  I sure don't see any other nations stepping forward to do for Americans what American have long done for foreigners.

How much of that National Debt is the result of all the *help* we have given to Foreigners in one way or another?  Cut off all financial aid to the UN and to all those direct aid packages to other nations.  We need to provide aid to Legal Americans who need our help.  All those  Veterans, their families, all those who lost all from the natural disasters we have been hit with.  Or the elderly who live on little to nothing.   Or all those hundreds of thousand HOMELESS who are living on the streets.  Let's clean up those situations before another penny goes to another ILLEGAL.

Jackie Juntti
Reduce the National Debt - DEPORT ALL HERE ILLEGALLY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Will Post reporter return
to the border?

Glenn Spencer alongside border fence: The Fence Junkies--- Slate Magazine, May 6, 2013
Dave Wiegel -- Washington Post -- December 29, 2017 Trump calls for border wall funding in any DACA deal, but Democrats are skeptical     In an interview with the New York Times and a Friday morning tweet, President Trump said that any deal that would grant legal status to immigrants brought to the United States as children needed to include funding for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.
    “Look, I wouldn't do a DACA plan without a wall,” Trump said to the Times, referring to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that he has set to expire next year. “We need it. We see the drugs pouring into the country, we need the wall.”
    He reiterated that point in his tweet on Friday morning, adding that a DACA deal needed to end “chain migration,” the policy that allows naturalized immigrants to petition for relatives to come to the United States. In the Times interview, Trump had mentioned the policy ­ ending it is a White House priority --- but had not directly tied it to the DACA deal.

Glenn Spencer -- December 30, 2017     We did do that, Dave  
    Four years ago Dave Weigel, the reporter in the above Washington Post story, spent a weekend at my border ranch. During his visit, we ran a test of a seismic sensor system.
    The following is from his May 6, 2013, Slate Magazine report:
     So we wait for the seismic test, as a stiff wind whips the high desert. “Normally the sensor would work within 600 feet,” says Spencer, “but this might cut to 400. If it's raining, you'd see it get cut to 300.” Three of Spencer's some-time employees, including the guy who landscaped the lovely guesthouse pond, stroll out to the border fence past markers denoting every 200 feet. They wait for the signal.
    “Go now,” says White.
    They walk at a normal pace and barely hit the 600-foot marker before the foghorn sensor goes off. “That's great, that's better than I thought,” says Spencer. “Isn't that amazing? That seismograph was buried for two years. The manufacturer says it can work for 10 years without maintenance. I'm telling you, when we have this thing ready, in another 30 days, this sensor will work and the chopper will pop up, fly, and take pictures. We will do that. We will do that.”
    I promised Dave Weigel that we would have drones that would “pop up, fly, and take pictures.”
    On Saturday, January 13th, 2018, there will be a demonstration of that seismic system and two “choppers” that will pop up, fly and take pictures --- and they will do it almost simultaneously, flying in opposite directions - responding to alarms sounded by the seismic system.
    Click here for more information on the Jan. 13th demonstration.
    I hope Dave and other journalists will come the ranch and witness these high-tech gadgets that he said “were part of almost everyone's solution”.
    We did do that, Dave.
Past Features
December 30, 2017
Canada Free Press          Pardon Me, Governor Brown      Because of Governor Jerry Brown's ineptitude, incompetence and corruption, Californians are facing a dangerous and uncertain future. Because Jerry Brown would not address the issues a sincere governor must, his chosen distractions like climate change and criminal pardons are costing us dearly. On his way to United Nations climate talks in Bonn, Germany in November, Brown stopped by the Vatican to chat up like-minded climate change thought leaders, and said, “It is despairing. Ending the world, ending all mammalian life. This is bad stuff.”......

KOAA          Allen arrested overnight on Felony warrant and immigration hold      Last night, 12/29, a CSPD K9 officer was attempting to locate a suspect with a felony warrant out of El Paso County. -- CSPD said they received information that the wanted man was in a room at the La Quinta Inn on N. Academy Blvd. According to police, contact was made with the suspect just before 11 p.m. After contact was made, the suspect refused to open the door to his room.......

Daily Caller         'First Stop To Hell': Father Of Son Killed By Illegal Alien Slams Sanctuary States      The father of a young man killed by an illegal immigrant slammed California's sanctuary state law on “Fox and Friends” Wednesday, and said Democratic Governor Jerry Brown should go straight “to hell.” -- “I wish he would get on the bullet train, first stop to hell, and he should get off and stay there,” Don Rosenberg said. “His concern for criminals, be they legal or not, is outrageous and has cost the live of many Californians.”......

1011 Now          Derogatory signs left in GOP Congressman's yard on Christmas       Signs containing profanity and political statements were discovered in the yard of a Nebraska Congressman on Christmas morning. -- Lincoln Police were contacted regarding the signs left in the front yard of Congressman Jeff Fortenberry during the morning of Dec. 25. -- The signs were placed sometime between 11:30 p.m. on Dec. 24 and 7:45 a.m. Dec. 25, according to an LPD incident report. -- Fortenberry, a Republican, represents the First Congressional District of Nebraska.......

Fresno Bee          Congress must aid 'Dreamers' and children who need health care      Republican leaders and President Donald Trump rushed to deliver tax cuts that mostly benefit the wealthy and corporations. But somehow they couldn't find the time to rescue programs that help vulnerable children and young people before heading home for the holidays. -- So when Congress reconvenes Wednesday, lawmakers should waste no time before acting to extend the Children's Health Insurance Program and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program......

KGTV        Imperial Beach official killed while vacationing in Mexico      An Imperial Beach official was found dead in a resort city in Mexico this week while vacationing for the holidays. -- Doug Bradley, Imperial Beach's administrative services director, was shot and killed in Ixtapa, Mexico, Thursday, according to Mexico news sources. The Mexican Secretariat of Public Security reported Bradley was killed during a robbery. He was on vacation in the resort town of Zihuatanejo. -- While local authorities learned of Bradley's death at about 8 a.m. Thursday, the shooting may have occurred hours earlier.......

Breitbart          DHS: Deportations of Illegal Aliens Living Across U.S. Increase 37 Percent Under Trump      Deportations of illegal aliens living across the United States in the interior of the country increased 37 percent after President Trump signed his Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States Executive Order five days after being inaugurated. -- A year-end Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) report reveals how effective Trump's pro-enforcement executive order has been throughout the first year of his presidency thus far, with deportations of illegal aliens living in the U.S. --- and not those caught at the border --- peaking at more than 61,000 between January 20 to September 30, 2017.......

Reading Eagle          As California legalizes marijuana, laws collide at U.S. checkpoints      California legalizes marijuana for recreational use Monday, but that won't stop federal agents from seizing the drug ­ even in tiny amounts ­ on busy freeways and backcountry highways. --Marijuana possession still will be prohibited at eight Border Patrol checkpoints in California, a reminder that state and federal laws collide when it comes to pot. The U.S. government classifies marijuana as a controlled substance, like heroin and LSD. -- "Prior to Jan. 1, it's going to be the same after Jan. 1, because nothing changed on our end," said Ryan Yamasaki, an assistant chief of the Border Patrol's San Diego sector. "If you're a federal law enforcement agency, you uphold federal laws."......

KGBT         Government wants to deport Guatemalan for the fifth time      After his latest arrest, the government wants to deport a Guatemalan man for the fifth time. -- Border Patrol agents arrested Nicolas Mejia-Garcia near Hidalgo on Thursday. -- "Record checks revealed the Defendant was formally Deported/Excluded from the United States, for the fourth (4th) time, on March 23, 2012, through San Antonio, Texas," according to the federal criminal complaint against him. -- Mejia is charged with illegal re-entry.......

Commercial Appeal      More immigration actions planned in 2018 at job sites across Tennessee, high-ranking enforcement official says      The federal government plans to increase job site immigration enforcement actions across Tennessee in 2018, said Robert Hammer, a high-ranking enforcement official. -- Workplace immigration investigations will likely focus on "critical infrastructure," such as airports, defense contractors, food distribution and other businesses that have an impact on the general safety and welfare of the community, he said. -- Hammer is assistant special agent in charge for Homeland Security Investigations, or HSI. HSI is a branch of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. ......         California Gov. Jerry Brown's Gift to Illegal Alien Felons     The Christmas decision to pardon two felons who were in custody awaiting deportation may be seen as the latest act in a growing list of acts committed by California Gov. Jerry Brown in defiance of U.S. immigration law. While some may view the move as a brazenly political shot at the Trump administration, it is a first step toward the end goal of amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. -- The notion of exploiting federal immigration law through the use of the pardon power is not a new idea, but one which is garnering more attention as open border activists pressure lawmakers at all levels to adopt their agenda.......

Breitbart          Ann Coulter: No DACA Amnesty 'Until There's a Wall and Hell Freezes Over'    New York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter says President Trump should not begin to consider amnesty for illegal aliens “until there's a wall and hell freezes over.” -- In a poston Friday, Coulter responded to a tweet by President Trump in which he reiterated that he would only be willing to sign off on an amnesty beginning with nearly 800,000 illegal aliens if his list of pro-American immigration principles were enacted simultaneously.......

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