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The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

“The next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.”
–U.S. General Douglass MacArthur, 1955 speech, West Point

It was a clear and quiet evening as two "Skunk Works" scientists (Lockheed Martin) at Edwards Air Force Base took their smoke break at the outside designated area when law enforcement units began blocking all roads leading into the area...."a usual activity when a secret aircraft ( Alien Reproduction Vehicle ARV) arrives and departs." Nothing to see here, please move along? 

Several small tractor type vehicles with long arms with what appeared to be buckets you would see next to power line poles, moved into position as a large disc shaped craft descended quietly from the sky above, no lights, no sound....hovered approximately 30 feet above the apron area in front of the Lockheed Martin hangar. A worker with a bright light flashed three times to the ARV, indicating it was "ok to lower the ship into position." When all tractor type vehicles were completely positioned around the ARV..... acknowledgement from the ARV responded with three flashes from the ship. When completed, the tractor arms lowered over the ARV and the ship was carefully moved into the hangar. Law enforcement opened the roads leading into the area, allowing traffic to flow. The reverse happened again a few hours later and the ARV went vertical to about 500 feet and darted away (without sound) at a tremendous speed.

Our friend and biblical / prophecy advisor Ken Raymond of Tucson has told me to "stick to politics and leave the biblical prophecies alone," however....I disagree because the entire crap happening to this world, politically and spiritually, has common influence as to what is likely coming soon and we must be ready for it, or humanity could perish from fear. That is exactly why "Disclosure" has been kept secret from humanity until now.....but what does "Disclosure" entail? You may or may not be surprised.

"One of the strategies proposed to unite the globe has been an alien attack from outer space.   And it’s not a recnt" with tentacles smothering the earth.
Like they say...."the one that dies with the most toys is the winner," the elite's answer to their own demise as they continue to advance with Artificial Intelligence (AI) by which they INTEND to merge their mind with to dominate the world as a godly collective over humanity. Note....they can't transfer the heart or soul, which are the main sources of life, love and spirituality. The brain and all the electrical activity is downloadable into a computer, but cannot adjust to emotional feelings felt by the heart and nervous system.
These globalist elites have controlled humanity via a world banking system, wars, and through their United Nations for decades are already heartless and without a soul, therefore....they have nothing to lose. They sold their souls to Satan, no matter what you want to call it, be it the "Dark Force," "Lucifer the Evil One," or to a race of extraterrestrials with bad intent. They did it and we see it, and all of a sudden a man out of nowhere has come forward to crush them worldwide and he is President Trump.
World leaders and most every single socialist / communist in the world hate him as Jesus was hated in the same manner when his spirit (maybe from the 5th dimension) changed humanity forever by exposing the truth and corruption by nations to enslave humanity.
The New World Order to enslave humanity is underway, but how it ends is anyone's guess. President Trump intends to crush the mafia cabal that controls everything they have their hands on. There are now over 10,000 worldwide indictments being issued for the round-up and confiscation of all property and bank accounts linked to their sacrificial child trafficking and money laundering. The globalist are in a panic and President Trump is putting his life on the line as Jesus did over 3,000 years ago. We can safely assume, the "Spirit of God" has touched his soul and things are about to advance at a rapid speed with some extremely unbelievable crap coming our way soon.
The New World Order mafia cabal are extremely powerful and they have the backing of extraterrestrial identities with evil intent, while an opposing benevolent force from the 5th dimension and one or two other extraterrestrial types (of the 4th dimension) already here and among us are at war with the estimated other nine evil races., but only one or two main extraterrestrial races are working directly with the "Shadow Government" which the United States seems to be the only country with an established treaty with, signed by President Eisenhower. Thus...the United States possesses technology beyond anyone's comprehension, including the ability to build Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARV) including the infamous TR3B flying triangle seen over Phoenix in 1997 (The Phoenix Lights). These estimates vary across the board in UFO circles and dis-information is OFTEN included to beta test the population and/or condition (our) minds for an event that might be dangerous, or a Flase Flag alien invasion to convince the world that a New World Order is necessary for earth's defense and/or the establishment of a false world leader often referred to as the Anti-Christ.
“At our meeting in Geneva, the U.S. (Ronald Reagan)
President said that if the earth faced an invasion by extra terrestrials, the United States and the Soviet Union would join forces to repel such an invasion. I shall not dispute the hypothesis, though I think it’s early yet to worry about such an intrusion…”
–USSR Secretary General Michail Gorbachev, Feb. 1987 Kremlin speech

"Project Blue Beam" has been in existence for decades for the sole purpose to fake an alien invasion and tie that with a false "Second Coming of Christ."
Those behind this False Flag attack and discussed by Dr. Greer, does not discuss the possibility that actual extraterrestrial intervention may also enter the scene, which supposedly....the entire world will witness an event that will cause the world's population to fall to their knees and help rein-in a "Leader" to take the throne in Jerusalem, an imposter...such as a Pope, to announce a New World / One World Government...under the United Nations, is taking the lead for humanity and "all things will be fine." 
Four Components To A Kingdom
1. Land, Property or Territory
2. A Ruler or King
3. People or Subjects
4. A System of Laws and Rules

Is it any wonder why 98% of the world does not want Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel? If I'm not mistaken....Jerusalem is destroyed before the true and faithful leader to God enters the scene. Remember....I'm no biblical scholar, but just a person with an open mind that has not been influenced by the many interpretations of the bible being used to mainline prophecies into one singular event that may or may not happen. 
The bible says (basically) "The Kingdom of God is within us" and in the video (here) a biblical scholar corrects that by saying..."the true meaning is the Kingdom of God is in our midst and not really within us." My open mind believes the bible to be literally true and that the "Kingdom of God" is in-fact within us as our soul is connected to the conscious universe of peace and love, referred to as God. While humanity on earth might very well be the "Falln' Angels" sent here to this prison planet, our star brothers and sisters from the 5th dimension with an extremely higher level of spiritual closeness to God and the Universe, are watching over us and it is believed....they are the ones that will save earth from total destruction and they are the ones that could very well be the extraterrestrials that will "rapture" believers into THEIR Kingdom. As I tell Christians, if and when it happens, be very careful what light you decide to go to.....otherwise, you might find yourself on some distant planet in the universe as a slave working a mine.
The video discusses the various extraterrestrial races among us and towards the end, the 5th dimension is thoroughly discussed and happens to be the intermediate dimension we all go to when we die. If you have fulfilled your time on earth in a meaningful way, then it is the 5th dimension spiritual inhabitants that decide if you advance or not to a higher dimension. Believe it or not, but keep an open mind,  I tell my Canadian friend (Al) the atheist, believing he will be nothing, no memory, gone and dead...such a waste of a soul, but won't he be surprised !
Note: When I was 17, six of us dived into the spiritual realm of talking to a friend of ours that died in a car wreck. I asked him where was he? He said "I'm in a place you would refer to as purgatory." I asked someone in the group, "what is purgatory," and the reply was, "Catholics believe it's a place half way between hell and heaven." After that encounter, we all agreed to NEVER do that again, especially when a face appeared in our telepathic experience saying, "Allen, you know you are not suppose to talk to them." I then asked the best friend of Allen, sitting in the circle across from me, "who is that?" Frank replied, "that's his brother of whom died in a helicopter crash in Vietnam."   
Where we came from is absolutely unknown, but if we are "Falln' Angels" we fell from the Kingdom and sent here to suffer the pains of life and to enjoy what "free will" would allow us, while others took the path of evil. We might have evolved as sub-humans and our DNA tweaked by the Annunaki to "make us better slaves in the gold mines." Isn't that happening today in 2017 with DNA manipulation?
Or...did Adam just show-up on earth, needed a woman, therefore, God took a rib from which a woman developed? How would anyone explain how extraterrestrials manipulated a human's DNA, and then cloned a woman, over 3,000 years ago? How do you explain that Santa Claus, or the Tooth Fairy is not real to a 3 year old? Right..."Your daddy is in debt to a banking system by design, and he slaved at the construction site to buy you a bike, but got laid-off, therefore my must enjoy the bike and believe in Santa Claus,  and we cannot tell you why we can't pay the credit card minimum payment in January, because if we told you the truth, first you would not understand, and second, our neighbors and others will demonize us for telling you the truth, therefore...we will lie to just get along."  
 "According to mainstream scientists: Alien code found in our DNA. Extraterrestrial beings created our species."
Our massive universe is filled with life of different types, strange or human like, for the conditions and atmosphere they have to survive in. Many civilizations in the cosmos are (or have) experienced their own planet deteriorating from environmental problems to wars. We are headed that direction for sure and Mars will again be colonized by our grand children in the near future. All the junk pieces of items found on Mars and deteriorated housing structures is evident of the fact, that civilization became extinct after a nuclear event, scientists have concluded. It is also widely believed, Earth (the sister planet to Mars) was the new home to an extraterrestrial Martian race and you and I just might be descendants of a Martian race while it is highly probable that many races today on Earth, might have originated from other corners of the universe. ALL sent here to get along, or to war with each other as a test, a beta test that might very well reveal itself in days to come if the New World Order mafia cabal have their way. The notion that we are different in color and facial looks is because of "earth's latitudes and environment" might not be necessarily true, but it is believed our ancestors may have originated from other galaxies. Others believe that (according to scripture) "the giants (extraterrestrials) saw that human women were beautiful, etc.."
A false flag alien invasion to scare humanity into absolute control and enslavement is upon us and is their last card to play is just around the corner.... while President Trump has openly stated how it's all coming down and the New World Order will cease under his command. 
His speech at mark 4:23 "We will be protected by God" 
The round-up and arrests worldwide begins in January / February and in the meanwhile, watch as high level officials and leaders begin suiciding themselves, because evil is being exposed and it just happens to involve pedophilia and property.
To better understand all that has been reported within, the video links explain further any and all concerns or questions you might have, but BEFORE you attack the messenger here, watch the videos and comment accordingly if you like, otherwise, you will be ignored.
Merry Christmas
--Dave Bertrand
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From The Desk of  Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)  Int'l Airline Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727 & First Officer DC-10), Veteran U.S. Army (110th M.P. Co.) Vietnam Era Sergeant, State Law Enforcement Background. DHS Trained (Former) Counter-Terrorism Instructor, Political Analyst  and Activist to help "Make America Great Again. 
My mission is to slice through the propaganda, encourage everyone to write  and share important news among our network of patriots, military, law enforcement and selected news media sources (we trust). We are the pulse of America and we will prevail.ent idea: It’s been discussed publicly for the last 100 years."
“Some one remarked that the best way to unite all the nations on this globe would be an attack from some other planet. In the face of such an alien enemy, people would respond with a sense of their unity of interest and purpose.”
–John Dewey, 1917 – Educational guru, professor, Columbia University.  Dewey has been called (by the Corporate Media) the “Father of Modern
Education.”  Make that “the father of modern Luciferian education.”
For over 70 years, humans around the world have been mentally molded into a belief system that parallels the "Wizard of Oz." We have been inundated with Star Trek and movies like "Independence Day" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and now it all seems to make sense as to what could very well be a final curtain that is about to open. Dis-information, propaganda, lies and truth mixed with religion, politics and environmental concerns was purposefully created by the "Luciferian Globalists" in an attempt to mask the truth about everything from free energy, elimination of disease, cancer, and pre-mature death, to why we must depend on oil and gas, not to mention the need for wars. 
Creating an enemy WE ALL CAN BELIEVE IN is an everyday event by the "Deep State" and "Shadow Governme

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