Monday, November 27, 2017


Trump Derangement: With as Unhinged as the Media is, No Wonder No One Believes Them

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Hollywood Star tells Black America ‘Don’t Blame the System our Problems Start at Home’

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Does Congress have a Secret Slush Fund to Pay Off Victims of Sexual Abuse?

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Government Lawyers Warn Bureaucrats – Trump is in Charge! 
Our National Victimhood Fixation Will Be Our Downfall 
Democrats Finally Ready to Throw Bill Clinton Under the Bus 
Global Warming Apocalypse Fear-mongering Turns 30-Years Old, Still No ‘End’ in Sight 
Could Saudi Arabia Actually End Islamic Terrorism? 
Foolish Millennials Embrace Socialism 
The GOP Tax Plan is Better than the Status Quo, but Far from Perfect 
News You Can Use for November 27, 2017 
Sex Predator Conyers FINALLY Steps Down Amid Allegations 
ISIS Ramping Up Anti-Christian Attack Plans as Christmas Approaches 

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Denial-Ridden Democrats Scrambling After Sex Allegations Rock D.C. 
Democrat Politician Arrested at the Mall on Black Friday 
Net Neutrality Debate Reveals Closeted Socialists 
News You Can Use for November 26, 2017 
Trans Pronoun Nonsense Goes Global as Premier League Soccer Joins 
President Trumps Tells Time Magazine “Thanks, But No Thanks” 
China May Be Preparing for North Korean Conflict with Route Shuttering 
Virgin Airlines Owner Buried By Less Than Wholesome Allegations 
FBI Informant says Uranium One Deal was all about Politics and Money 
New Video Shows African Migrants Being Sold as Slaves 
News You Can Use for November 25, 2017 
Florida Flummoxes Residents With Front Yard Gardening Ban 
Monsanto Now Suing State of California For Carcinogen Warnings 
Even Thanksgiving Can’t Stop Pathetic Protests By Pigskin Punks 
Putin’s Latest “War-Ready” Project Packs A Hypersonic Punch 

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