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Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

Subject: Your Morning Intelligence Brief (November 27th, 2017)

Ed Note:

Hope everyone had a great weekend this 2017 Thanksgiving, but without weird and juicy news, I was in withdrawal like many of you. I settled down last night early and tuned the AM receiver to KGO 810AM (Bay Area) in the heart of Socialistville (SFO).....Radio Host Maureen Langan (an angry Trump hater) was interviewing another lost soul, Wendell Potter...a self promoter of fair news and hopes to take back the narrative from the crazy Right Wing news outlets for only $7/month, Maureen adding and "from that stupid conspiracy theorist Alex Jones." Wendell (Tarbell.Org) will likely get his talking points and news from very credible news sources like CNN and Media Matters of course, going-on to say the original "fake news" accusation of the Right was hijacked by President Trump.

Note: If Wendell is only charging $7/mo to see a Left Wing spin of the news, I suppose the Bertrand Daily Report should drop the monthly subscription from $23.99/mo to FREE?

At least Wendell Potter (Tarbell.Org) realizes we are a "Republic" and not a "Democracy" but will he or does he recognize the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution protects our rights from an abusive particular the 2nd Amendment that protects those Rights given to us from God?  

Meet Tarbell™. "Your donation today will launch new movement journalism to help citizens understand who really runs America — and take back our power in our republic."

The truth in media by the "Alt Right" has won the narrative concerning the corruption on the Left as (WE) exposed ANTIFA (Dems weaponized protesters) as a "Domestic Terrorist Organization," and now we're going after the "Uranium One" scandal, but Left Wing media continues to carry the bag (Hillary Clinton) as the righteous promoter of women's rights and in their minds.....she is the only solution for a socialist America under communist rule. Hillary is again dancing with the idea of running again in 2020, but that will be difficult if she is sitting in prison. But of course, "it's all a conspiracy theory....the email and Uranium One scandal has been debunked." That's how out-of-touch with reality the Left Wing media is, especially CNN and Maureen Langan at KGO 810AM .

I am so convinced, the evil dark side dimension is now overlapping earth as two dimensions collide. One side's reality is another's false sense of self righteousness induced by propaganda and lies.

What (WE) discuss and report exposes the evilness of the Left. The featured report below is an example that will catch-up to the Clintons and Podesta, but in the meanwhile, the true criminal actions by the Clinton Dynasty are being overshadowed by a diversion called "Sexual Accusations" while the Left are willing to throw their own to the wolves, including throwing Hillary and Bill Clinton under the bus, hoping the investigation into child trafficking and pedophilia will subside. What's hilarious....even though the Corporate Fakestream Media are throwing the Clintons under the bus, the queen of corruption wants to run again in 2020. 

--Dave Bertrand

Today's Featured Article / Report

Submitted by: Merlene Fritts

EXPLOSIVE: Pedophile Ring Linked To Adrenochrome Drug Trafficking
Adrenochrome is a chemical produced by the human body when adrenaline (or epinephrine) oxidizes or “hits the air.” It’s produced when the body is traumatized in some way such as through torture or extreme terror.
When a stimulus which should produce extreme fear is introduced to a human, especially when someone is very young, the adrenaline produced is more potent than the average adult. Because of it’s psychoactive properties Adrenochrome has been linked to mind control drug. Think MK Ultra.
The extraction process is done by killing the person and harvesting the adrenochrome from the base of the neck and spinal column with a needle.
In it’s pure form, black market dealers can make extreme amounts of money when they sell it. This connection between the child sex trafficking, torture and murder of children around the world and the links between MS-13, high profile pedopushers like Podesta and Alefantis and all the ties between these non-profit organizations pretending to provide assistance to victims of various disasters around the world makes sense when you think about this type of drug trafficking.
What better way to collect children than from war torn or natural disaster ripped areas? Parents are gone, families are separated. It’s too easy to get these kid in and out of the country. They slap a few faces of children on their posters and then no one ever really tracks the kids after a certain point.
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"Sweet Dreams" - Elon Musk's Periodic Reminder Of The Coming AI Apocalypse

“I keep sounding the alarm bell but until people see robots going down the street killing people, they don’t know how to react because it seems so ethereal."

Forget About Catalonia And Brexit, The Next European Black Swan Could Be Transylvania

"The loss of such a large chunk of territory and population would certainly leave its mark on national memory. Recently in Hungary, politicians have been revitalizing this narrative. "

Ryan Bundy's Opening Statement: "This Is Not What America Is Supposed To Be..."

 "We the people are the sovereign... We are not slaves. We need to remember that. I think that’s forgotten. The definition of freedom is lost in America. When we have to have a license or ask permission to do everything, we are subjects..."

Bitcoin Surges Over $9,500 After Korea's 2nd Biggest Bank Tests Crypto Wallet For Customers

Bitcoin's surge continues as Asia re-opens, pushing the cryptocurrency above $9500 as Korea's second largest bank tests Bitcoin vault and wallet services for its clients.

Chinese Liquidity Dries Up: Stocks Hit 3-Month Lows, Tumble Most Since June 2016

It appears The National Team is taking a well-earned break as Chinese stocks extend their losses from late last week in the biggest 3-day drop since June 2016.

Aussie Government Unleashes Counter-Terror Unit To Halt Youth Crime Storm

An elite unit of the Australian Federal Police called Territory Response Group (TRG) will be using military grade weapons to patrol Alice Springs and Darwin at night, in response to concerned communities as the youth crime wave spirals out of control.

Russiagate Explained

Take all those “bombshells” together, though, and you create the illusion of something real. That’s all this nonsense is...

Saudi Coalition Crumbles In Yemen: Sudanese Mercenaries On Front Lines, Foreign Officers, Proxies In Revolt

It's become "Operation Shoot Yourself in the Foot."

Airports Close, Thousands Flee As Bali's Mt Agung Volcano Erupts: Live Feed

The long-anticipated eruption is finally happening...
FBI Didn't Tell US Targets as Russian Hackers Hunted Emails
*********************************************************  (George Soros Site)
Breitbart editor-in-chief: Rape now means sex a woman regrets
How CBS and PBS have reported on Charlie Rose's sexual misconduct
4 ways right-wing media are shilling for tax reform (and why they're wrong)
CNN commentator: Democrat in Alabama "is no saint either" because he supports abortion
Anti-LGBTQ hate group kicked off its conference with an amazing interpretive rainbow flag dance
Study: How Sean Hannity is trying to discredit Robert Mueller and the Russia probe
Angelo Carusone on why advertisers are dropping Hannity: "They're making a business decision"
Morning news shows ignored report that Trump’s FCC plans to roll back net neutrality
Alex Jones: I know the Las Vegas gunman was a liberal because he drank Pepsi
The Nation sports editor: Trump's demonization of black athletes is "a playbook that goes back 100 years"
A white supremacist who got permanently banned on Twitter attempted a comeback and failed
There good reasons to oppose mega-mergers like AT&T/Time Warner. "Trump hates CNN" isn't one.
Breitbart editor-in-chief suggests a Moore accuser lied about her age: "What if we find out she wasn't 14?"
Fox News is firing up the right-wing spin machine for the Supreme Court's new abortion case
Fox News allows host Jeanine Pirro to work as a paid GOP fundraising speaker 




Starting Monday Dec. 4, 2017, The Power Hour will be airing from 3pm-5pm central on GCN Channel 4.
The new call-in number will be 866-582-9933.
Listen Live # will remain the same.


Egypt mosque attackers wore military uniforms and arrived in SUVs

Dozens of men wearing military combat uniforms and armed with automatic machine guns carried out the deadly assault on a Sufi mosque in northern Sinai, Egyptian authorities said.

Dubai Security-Chief Unleashes Tweet-Storm Demanding Bombing Of Al-Jazeera

On Friday, Dubai Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan unleashed a tweet-storm to millions of his followers - calling for the bombing of Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based media network. Khalfan’s tweet-storm was in response to the horrific terrorist attack in northern Sinai that killed more than 300 people, including at least two dozen children.

The Problem Isn't Populism: the Problem Is the Status Quo Has Failed

The corporate/billionaires' media would have us believe that the crisis we face is populism, a code word for every ugly manifestation of fascism known to humanity. By invoking populism as the cause of our distemper, the mainstream media is implicitly suggesting that the problem is "bad people"--those whose own failings manifest in an attraction to fascism. If we can successfully marginalize these troubled troglodytes, then our problem, populism, would go away and the wonderfulness, equality and widespread prosperity of pre-populist America will be restored.

‘Sexbots are coming’: Scientists say ‘digisexuals’ inevitable as more people bond with robots

Academics are arguing that many people will soon be identifying as “digisexuals” and taking their sexual identity from having sex with robots. While sex robots are currently quite primitive, a new report published in the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy argues that before long they will be able to look, speak and act like real people - and will be specifically designed to fulfill a person’s desires.

Judge To Look At Files In 1987 Deaths Of 2 Boys Found On Central Arkansas Railroad Tracks

A mother’s 30-year quest to uncover secrets she hopes will shed light on her son’s mysterious death in 1987 has led a federal judge to order a private review of several tightly guarded government documents. The documents may or may not reveal anything new about the death of Linda Ives’ 17-year-old son, Kevin, whose body was discovered before dawn on Aug. 23, 1987, alongside that of his friend, Don Henry, 16, on a dark stretch of Saline County railroad tracks. But the Benton woman says it’s time to find out.

Pentagon tried to block independent report on child sex among Afghan forces, Senate office says

Although the report released Nov. 16 by the Defense Department Inspector General’s office (DODIG) reached the grim conclusion that, for years, U.S. personnel have been inadequately trained to report such crimes, a parallel investigation by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) is thought to contain a much more detailed accounting of the problem’s severity.

Ex-Clinton Foundation Official Tied To Chinese Kindergarten Embroiled In Bizarre Sexual Abuse Scandal

A former Clinton Foundation official who is now an independent director at a company which operates private schools in China has found himself embroiled in a bizarre child abuse scandal involving needles, pills, “brown syrup,” nudity, and sexual molestation, according to parents.
Deadly clash among police forces leave nearly 25 dead, wounded in Paktika
Russia should enter into dialogue with US regarding Afghanistan: Karzai
US drone strike leaves 2 ISIS members dead in East of Afghanistan
India pledges $2.87m to repair 350 public buses in Afghanistan
Afghan migrants clash in Greece Island leaving 4 dead, wounded


Lindsey Graham favors fixing DACA with government funding bill, says shutdown 'possible'      
Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday Republican leaders should attach to the year-end government funding bill a fix to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. -- Graham was breaking from GOP leadership in both chambers of Congress, who in recent weeks have said any effort to fix DACA would come after and separately from a funding bill that will be needed by Dec. 8. Some Democrats and Republicans have suggested a dispute over the issue could lead to a government shutdown.......
Breitbart          Lady DACA: Meet the Pro-Amnesty, Bush Bureaucrat Who Became Trump's Top Pick for DHS      
One week after Hurricane Katrina made landfall in August 2005, President George W. Bush consulted with his team of crisis advisers and inundated the Gulf Coast with cheap, illegal alien labor.-- Bush's August decision to lift the Davis-Bacon wage law made it very easy for contractors to hire cheap labor. Mike Chertoff, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), quickly suspended sanctions on the employers who did hire illegal aliens.......
KURV          2 Girls Raped, 12-Year-Old Sister Killed In Northern Mexico       
A 12-year-old girl is dead after an assailant attacked her and raped her two young sisters in their home in the northern Mexico border city of Ciudad Juarez. The prosecutor's office in Chihuahua state says girl died of strangulation. The office did not give the younger girls' ages, but local news media said they were 10 and 11. The office said Friday the assailant is being sought, but did not say if he had been identified.......
KGBT          Officers arrest Matamoros, Tamaulipas man who attempted to cross the border carrying heroin      
Officers arrested a Mexican man on Wednesday, when he attempted to cross the Gateway bridge with two packages of heroin. -- Victor Ruben Hernandez-Dominguez, 26, of Matamoros, attempted to cross the Gateway International Bridge on Wednesday, according to federal court records and a news release from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. -- Officers found two packages "hidden within the articles" he attempted to carry across the bridge, according to the news release. The packages tested positive for heroin and weighed about 1.17 kilograms.......
KGBT          Roma man crossed the border 123 times before officers caught him with cocaine      
Officers arrested a Roma man on Monday, when he attempted to cross the border with a kilogram of cocaine, according to the federal criminal complaint against him. -- Jorge Carlos Medrano attempted to cross the bridge from Ciudad Miguel Aleman to Roma driving a white 2003 GMC Yukon.-- Officers sent him to secondary inspection after noticing the GMC Yukon appeared clean --- except for mud that covered the spare tire, according to the criminal complaint. They found about 1 kilogram of cocaine hidden in the spare tire.......
Breitbart          Seven Times Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Have Stood in the Way of the Trump MAGA Agenda      
Arguably one of President Trump's most destructive moves in the wake of his historic victory a year ago was to install his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner as key advisors in the West Wing. -- The apparently different worldview has clashed with that of Trump's base on a number of occasions, as well as a number of stumbles by the pair who are reportedly known within the West Wing as “the royal family.” -- With Kushner's influence reportedly waning, these seven will make you thankful “Javanka” are falling, not rising in influence in the Trump White House.......
The Hill         Trump pushes border wall, travel ban after Egyptian mosque attack      
President Trump on Friday revived his calls for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and a travel ban targeting certain countries after an attack on a mosque in Egypt left at least 235 people dead. -- In a tweet announcing an upcoming phone call with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Trump lamented the terrorist attack on the al-Rawdah mosque in the northern Sinai Peninsula, and said that the U.S. would have to "get TOUGHER and SMARTER" in dealing with terrorism.......


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