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Coltrane for lovers on an open thread

My three o'clock in the morning music.

Authorities impose INFORMATION BLACKOUT in Las Vegas attack

There already was a blackout on the worst mass murder in modern American history. 58 dead, hundreds wounded, the savagery of the Vegas attack is unspeakable, and still the incompetent, clueless authorities know nothing. That's the information they seek to blackout.

WATCH Newsmax TV: Joe Pags Interviews Pamela Geller “Fatwa: Hunted In America”

Check out my interview with Joe Pagliarulo discussing FATWA: Hunted in America.

Wall Street Journal calls for Mueller to resign

The confirmation this week that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid an opposition-research firm for a “dossier” on Donald Trump is bombshell news. More bombshells are to come.The Journal’s editorial argues that the FBI’s role in such controversies now needs to be investigated. Mueller served as FBI Director between 2001 and 2013, so he led the FBI at the same time the Uranium One deal was being debated and approved.

Robert Spencer on FATWA: “Pamela Geller is a towering hero of freedom.”

"Pamela Geller is a towering hero of freedom. If free people survive into the next generation, which is by no means assured, Pamela Geller will be celebrated as one of those who stood against the tide of Leftism and Islamic supremacism when it was at its apogee. No proper history of the freedom of the human spirit in our darkening age can be written without including her."

Devout Christian thrown off Sheffield course for gay comments, loses High Court battle

Would they dare throw a Muslim out? Or are there no devout Muslim social workers?

48 Christians Massacred, Jihadis Break Through Doors, Burn Houses, Destroy Churches in Nigeria

The international community is silent too busy, obsessed with trying to annihilate the tiny Jewish state of Israel. The UN, the EU are just as culpable as the jihad savages. It's in the Quran. Respect it!

Muslim gets death threats from other Muslims for refusing to hate Israel

On TV, in the streets and at school, he was fed a steady diet of anti-Israeli rhetoric — so much so that it became like “white noise.” He says there is graffiti containing swastikas, Hamas and ISIS signs near to or on government buildings in town, which is never removed.
“Demonization (of Israel) is a big thing ... we get little to no lessons about the Jewish connection to the land (we’re on) or what the Nazis did (during the Holocaust),” he recalls.

Austria Arrests Muslim Migrant Suspected Of 70 Murders, ‘Butcher Of Pakistan’

The murderer entered Austria "with a large group of migrants."

Mother charged with forcing daughter to undergo FGM wants her ankle monitor removed because it irritates her skin

A Michigan mother charged with forcing her daughter to undergo genital mutilation wants her ankle monitor removed claiming that it irritates her skin.

France Has Paid Nearly $600,000 in Welfare Benefits to ISIS Jihadis in Syria

Jihadis have claimed unemployment benefits and family allowance for years while living in Syria. Over the past five years, some 500,000 euros ($583,200) have gone directly from the French taxpayers to the terror group, according to the report.

Child Grooming Cases in U.K. Rise by 64 Percent in One Year

The number of cases of child grooming that has been investigated by authorities in the United Kingdom has risen by 64 percent in just a year's time.

Mosque Committee Boycotts Muslim Man After He Allows Daughter to Marry Christian

Islam, the religion of tolerance, strikes again. A mosque committee called for the outright boycott of a family after the father allowed his daughter to marry a Christian -- a cardinal sin for followers of Islam.

Jihad Concerns in Caribbean

Westerners may want to think those Caribbean vacation plans. ISIS terrorists, it seems, have put the islands on its holiday hit list.

German Government Minister Signals the Betrayal of Christian Values

The Germans themselves don't love their own nation, faith, history, and traditions.

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