Saturday, October 28, 2017


U.S. Media Malarky No Match for Russia as Journalists Arm Themselves

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Google and George Soros: A Match Made in Globalist Valhalla

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ESPN Continues Descent Into Desperation as Layoffs Loom…AGAIN

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Amazon Empire Headed Into Wacky World of Prescription Medicine? 
Vegas Security Guard Mysteriously Locked in Seclusion on MGM Property 
Mad Dog Mattis Flat Out Tells Kim “NO” to Nuke-Capable North Korea 
Cuba Attempts to Blame Cicadas for Acoustic Attacks on U.S. Diplomats 
Mueller’s Probe Shifts into Overdrive: Arrests Beginning Monday! 
Poetic Justice as The Trump Dossier Blows Up in Hillary’s Face 
College Professor Defends Free Speech, Decries Campus Violence 
This Halloween Please Don’t Donate to UNICEF 
Now, Even Corn Pops Can be Racist?
News You Can Use for October 28, 2017 

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Infowars is Latest Victim of Zuckerberg’s Fascism in Live Video Crackdown
Google’s Internet Ad Monopoly Blasted by Advertising CEO 
Pentagon Quietly Preparing for Otherworldly Apocalypse Drill 
Mad Dog Mattis Gets Firsthand Look at North Korean Artillery from DMZ 
Maxine Waters Turns to Torch and Pitchfork Politics to Blast POTUS 
Nancy Pelosi’s Health Concerns Turn from Tawdry to Terrifying Overnight 
Have the Presses Stopped? 
What Hath Kaepernick Wrought? 
A Member of Team Trump is Facing an Unprecedented Number of Death Threats 
Jonah Goldberg Calls Christian Judge Roy Moore “Nutty” 
Will the Next Federal Reserve Chair be More of the Same? 
Fear Mongers at MSNBC says Trump “Wants to Use” What? 
A Man Can’t Decide 
The Danger and Ugliness of Forced Equality 
News You Can Use for October 27, 2017 

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