Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Today's Headlines

Carlos Khalil Guzman: Islam’s Rejection of Homophobia and Antisemitism? (Part 3)

Has he not paid attention to the practice of throwing homosexuals off of all buildings, as the bezonians of the Islamic State have so enjoyed doing, or hanging them from cranes, as is the punishment the Ayatollahs in Iran favor?

Videos and Photos: 9/11: NEVER GIVE IN – NEVER FORGET!

"It’s a day the left would rather we ignore. It’s a day that Islamic supremacists secretly and not so secretly celebrate. It’s a day the elites call a day of service. In service to whom? The attackers? The simpering soft selling and apologetics is a deliberate distraction and a diversion from discussing the enemy and their ideology. September 11th is national day of mourning. Period."

Israeli Company to Help Build U.S.-Mexico Border Wall Prototype

An Israeli company was one of four that made the final cut to come up with a model smart system to integrate into America's border wall with Mexico.

How Gresham’s Law Works In Islam

Gresham's law states that any circulating currency consisting of both "good" and "bad" money quickly becomes dominated by "bad" money.

Social Media Polices, Punishes Free Speech

From the moment the popularity of the videos grew, YouTube started to play a sleazy game to stop me.

Finland Considers Giving Returning Islamic State Jihadis Priority Housing

Around 80 Finnish citizens have travelled to the Middle East to fight for Islamic State, and now the government is considering allowing those who return to skip housing queues to help them ‘reintegrate’ into society.

Germany: Veiled Muslima Viciously Assaults Shopkeeper for Selling Lingerie Near Headscarves

A saleswoman in a fashion boutique in Berlin was viciously assaulted by a niqab-wearing woman who objected to lingerie being displayed in the same window as Islamic headscarves.

Pamela Geller: September 11th, sixteen years later, so much worse

On a beautiful, bright blue sunny morning, a perfect day in mid-September. Nothing was ever the same. Read this ... the whole thing.

UK: Teachers ‘scared’ to teach lessons on 9/11 terror attack, as they fear ‘backlash’ from Muslim parents

Some teachers are too scared to discuss 9/11 with their pupils as they fear a backlash from Muslim parents, a leading expert in counter-extremism education has warned.

Rex Tillerson Heading Effort to Retrieve Congress’ $75 Million Grant to Israel

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is part of a White House fight to take back $75 million previously awarded to Israel.

Firefighters in Sweden Abandon House Blaze After Muslims Attack Them in No-Go Zone

Firefighters in Sweden trying to do their jobs -- trying to put out the flames -- had to quit and leave after they were attacked by Muslims in an apparent no-go zone of Sweden.

Breitbart News: First Look: Pamela Geller Bus Ads for ‘Can’t We Talk About This? The Islamic Jihad Against Free Speech’ (Exclusive)

Hollywood will never tell this story. The media will never tell this story. Our public schools and universities will never teach our children what happened. The truth must be told.

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