Thursday, August 3, 2017


The Battle Over Jerusalem Has Just Begun; CLICK HERE for Latest Israel News!
World Israel NewsIsraeli Start-ups Raise Billions in 2017; 'Times are 'Changing' on Temple Mount; Senior Palestinian Official Pursues Transplant in Israel; Palestinian Violently Murders Pregnant Israeli Girlfriend 
Netanyahu Bans 'Fistfight' Between Israeli and Jordanian Lawmakers
WATCH: Nighttime Roundup of Temple Mount Rioters
Palestinian Critically Wounds Israeli in Supermarket Stabbing Attack
‘Times Are Changing,’ Declares One Among Over 1,000 Jewish Visitors to Temple Mount 
WATCH: Thousands of Islamists in Turkey Rail Against Israel 
Israeli Start-ups Raise Billions Since Beginning of 2017 
Opinion: The Battle Over Jerusalem Has Just Begun 
WATCH: Palestinians Explain How BDS Harms Them 
Kushner Concedes ‘There May be No Solution’ to Israel-Palestinian Conflict 
WATCH: The Story of a Wounded Syrian Treated in Israel 
Senior Palestinian Official Pursues Lung Transplant in Israel 
Palestinian Violently Murders Pregnant Israeli Girlfriend, Claims it was Terror 
UK Columnist Fired for ‘Anti-Semitic, Disgraceful’ Article 
WATCH: Australian Terror Suspect, Covered with a Sheet, Claims Innocence 
35-year Sentences for Men Who Terrorized New Jersey Jews 
Israel Monitoring Abbas’ Deteriorating Health 

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