Thursday, August 3, 2017


Submitted by: William Homolka

Venezuela Down!

An article by Lite
by William Homolka, Editor in Chief

My blood always boils, and my pressure rises, whenever I see the bad guys getting their way - it's evil triumphing over good. Venezuela has been hijacked by a thug and his band of loyal mules where suffering and death will surely follow. It already is happening as I write. It is an established pattern of tyrants, be they communists or fascists, to seize power under "benevolent" means which quickly turns nasty. It happened in Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bosnia and millions - millions!- of people perished. Our young, some of whom believe that "socialism isn't that bad," should bear witness to what is happening in Venezuela.

Nicholas Maduro, the leftist fearless leader, declared himself the "elected" president in a faux election where the only people voting were the government goons who support him. The rest of the country stayed home. To put this in perspective, imagine all Republican and conservative voters staying home last November where Hillary's supporters were the only ones voting - a leftist wet dream. As soon as Maduro claimed victory, his "police" and "soldiers" started shooting civilians and making arrests. Two prominent arrests were of a young leader named Lopez, who was previously imprisoned and then released before the "election," and the leader of the opposition party who was arrested during the night where he was awakened and taken into custody in his pajamas! Maduro has become emboldened by his victory and even thumbed his nose at President Trump. Meanwhile, our American Pravda is silent. As far as our young are concerned, all is well in the world so let's have another latte.

But all is not well. I get my news from the Spanish speaking channels, and the news is abysmal. There is a news program that starts at 9 PM called Oscar Haza on channel 93 from Miami. But the best news program concerning coverage of the Venezuelan crisis can by found on Bayly, same channel, commencing at 10:30 PM. Bayly has been reporting on the Venezuelan crisis for a least the past few months - exemplary!  Each night he has journalists or other prominent figures from Venezuela commenting on the crisis there. A month or so ago, he had Lopez' wife - herself an activist with the opposition party - on his show reporting details of the struggle. Last night, another Venezuelan journalist dropped a bomb on his show that was revealing: she reported that 15,000 Cuban troops were on the ground in Venezuela. Why are they there?  Today, the representatives from 23 countries working in Venezuela to resolve the crisis, reported that there is documented proof of voter fraud and that Maduro will have to step down. Do you suppose that those 15,000 Cuban troops might be turned loose to suppress any attempts at deposing Maduro, now the proud self-proclaimed dictator? Maybe with the arrival of a coalition force ready and willing to kick butt! We'll see.

This has an uncanny resemblance to what we just endured - and continue to endure - from the Obama Reign of Terror and his American Bolshevik jerk-offs. Make no mistake, our resident communists are salivating at the events in Venezuela. We are not out of the woods yet. WE are heavily armed and most of us are ready to use those arms if push comes to shove. The people of Venezuela are disarmed as all previous citizens were in the past where communism stampeded. By all means, we must keep our arms and buy more as insurance. We pray for the people of Venezuela and hope to get a force to go down there and throw Maduro into prison - or turn him over to the Venezuelan freedom fighters. Stayed tuned, spread this news, because the American Pravda and the American Bolsheviks will not!!     

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