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Sermon Setting Forth Brevity

Over the years I have listened to many Pastors and Priests deliver sermons. Some are openly frank while others are long, drawn out. Others are, to put it simply, boring.
Many Pastors read a Chapter of the Bible or a verse from the Bible then set about delivering an explanation of what was read. Too many fail to read enough of the subject to give a correct interpretation of what was intended, by God, to be edified upon. After the initial reading these Pastors 'dumb down' their words so that those that did not get their point the first time can join the ones that supposedly got the message at the first  explanation. If they really try to stretch their message they 'dumb it down' even further!
If you ever wondered why some congregations get 'glassy eyed?' Ever wonder why some simply fall asleep? Just how many do you think remember what was said or even repeat it to one another? If their was no 'fire' (brimstone) there is but a short 'half life' to such sermons.
Men and women who go to fellowship appreciate brevity. Trim off the gristle from the meat before it is served and the chef will be remembered. Season it just right and they will tell their friends where to go when they are hungry. The secret is, 'Don't burn it, cook it right the first time.
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is, and  was,a master of brevity. He cut to the chase.  He often spoke in parables, but when He did he was making His followers think! What He was doing was insuring that there would be no misunderstanding as to what He said. Whether speaking a parable or in plain language He kept His words brief and to the point. In doing so He not only got His message across but He endured it's repetition.
Look at a few:
  • His greatest sermon can be read in 8 minutes. Matthew 5.7. (Sermon on the mount)
  • His best known story can be read in 90 seconds. Luke 15: 11-32 (Prodigal Son)
  • He summarized prayer in 5 phrases. Matthew 6:9-13 (Lords Prayer)
  • He silenced accusers with 1 challenge. John 8:7 (Those who chased a woman)
  • He rescued a soul with one sentence. Luke 23:43 (Thief while on the cross)
  • He summarized the law in 3 verses. Mark 12:29-31 (Love thy Lord and love thy neighbor)
  • He reduced all His teachings in 1 command. John 15:12 (Love one another)
See what He did? Isn't it great!
Say it, but keep it brief.
  • Pray all the time. If necessary, use words.
  • Sacrilege is to feel guilt for sins forgiven.
  • God forgets the past. Imitate Him!
  • Greed is to be regretted. Generosity- never forgotten.
  • Never miss a chance to read a child a story.
  • Pursue forgiveness, not innocence.
  • Be kind to any that serve you. (Waitress, valet, nurses, etc)
  • Don't ask God to do what you want. Ask God to do what is right.
  • Nails didn't hold Christ to the cross. Love did!
  • Know the answer to a prayer when you get it and don't give up when you don't.
  • Flattery is fancy dishonesty.
  • No one is useless to God. No one.
  • You will never forgive anyone more than God has ever forgiven you.
  • God does not keep a clock.
  • God's grace is without measure.
  •   When Jesus went home, He left the front door. open!
I really don't think these thoughts require an in depth explanation. If they do..the question is, Do you expect to have your thinking done for you?
Love is what the root of God's WORD is all about. Love told of with openness, charity, with fervor...but always with brevity!
An additional thought, from the heart.
Often all too many Pastors convey the thought that infirmity suffered by any man or woman is the result of the lack of Christian strength. They seem to be saying, 'I am not sick, I pray; if you prayed in a correct manner, you would not be sick either.' 
Within the Bible there are many, many references that speak of lameness, disfigurement, illness, leprosy and all manners of infirmity. When Jesus Christ came and walked amongst us as our Messiah He taught His Apostles to heal as He did. What all of us must do is to realize that Jesus knew there were doctors and therefore knew of man's problems dealing with health issues.
Jesus, in Mark 2:17 said, 'Healthy people don't need a doctor, sick people do.' Then He went on to say, 'I have come to call sinners not those who think they are already good enough.'
So, two topics are spoken of here. Sick people needing doctors and sinners needing Jesus to call on them.
In Luke 10:9 (Luke was himself a physician) Jesus' Apostles were sent out by Him to, 'Heal the sick.' He went on to instruct them to say, ' As you heal them say, the Kingdom of God is near you now.'
It follows to reason that God knew that man would get sick. He knew that they aged and died of old age. God knows everything! He knows that cancer, arthritis, migraine headaches, heart disease, strokes and a myriad of other diseases would plague His followers. Those are but a few of the crosses we must bear!
Throughout the ages Christians have been called upon to give their very lives for God. Will we now ask or claim: 'If they had known how to really pray, would all that pain and suffering have taken place?' Who would be so thoughtless as to belittle a person of faith for his aggrandizement?
It is recorded that Peter was crucified upside down. Other Apostles were sawn in half, skinned alive, while other Christians were so mistreated and killed that we refer to them a martyrs.  Are we now to believe and be taught that: 'If they had but known how to really pray,' or ' You will never get sick if you pray as I do,'?
Will any man or woman who teaches the word of God be so bold as to stand before God and declare, this is Your WORD? Sadly...some do.
God is the author of the Bible. Men who wrote those words were but tools, but God, He was the author. 
God created a perfect world. He gave man everything he desired and asked but one thing of him. 'Do not eat of the tree of life.' Well, we did! Pure and simple, we did. Now we must pay the price.
God, in His infinite wisdom, gives us the knowledge and cures for many illnesses. He will, if He so chooses, heal and infirmity with no need other than prayer. But, if prayer is offered and no apparent healing takes place, do not despair. God has a reason and you must bear that cross. He may remove that cross at a later date or He may remove it upon your earthly death. Have faith, your malaise will be removed, but until it is, bear it with grace!
If your pain seems unbearable, think! What did my Lord and Savior feel as He was nailed to the cross? What did He feel as He was flogged for healing a man? What was it like to have a nail driven through a hand? A foot? With your arms outstretched, hanging from nails, would you think of comforting another?
When things look bleak and malaise sets in...bear your cross and know one thing...You are no less a Christian than what you truly are. God loves you and will give you His time...not mans!  

So, we have learned brevity is a virtue and faith is a gift that will see us though hard times. Brevity is best and faith is even better.

(closing prayer)

Almighty God, Father in heaven please hear our prayer. Yahweh Tsidkeanu , He who is Righteous and forgives us our trespasses, please forgive us our sins so we may enter Your presence clothed in robes of white worthy of standing before You.

It is our desire to worship You as the only God and to make our fealty known to You, and only You.

Abba, our lives are filled with daily trepidation we now lay at Your feet. Please set our spirits at ease, with comfort in our hearts knowing You will lay them to rest in with Your mighty strength.

Father, we further ask that You, as our Yahweh Rophe, our Divine Healer, touch our minds and bodies with Your healing touch, and allow us to bear all that lies ahead.

Lord, please bless our military, our police, judges and any charged with protecting our physical well being.

We ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, Who is One with You and the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever...

Amen, amen and amen.   
I now pray that each of you will be heartened by this message and that you will rely on God for all that is needed in this world and the world hereafter. May His grace be with you...forever.

Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr
God's Word Christian Ministry
Conservative Patriot

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