Saturday, August 5, 2017


Submitted by: Robert Bowen

I hope EVERYBODY understands that RINOs are the real problem.
It is the VAST Majority of Republicans, acting like Democrats & ENABLED by the Media, that are sub-marining ALL Trump's Efforts to SAVE our Country.
It is NOT that the DEMS are better - they AREN'T.     They simply don't have enough votes to count.

Each one of them, 'in & of' BOTH Parties, are presently making MILLIONS$$, with total UNACCOUNTABILITY, and they have NO Intentions of giving all this up - Just for TRUMP - CERTAINLY not for YOU.

Did you know that the average Republican Congressman comes into office with a Net Worth of $950,000 & leaves with $7,000,000? 
 (About $1,000,000 per year on a salary of $174,000 - Aren't they SMARRRT?)
(Democrats come in with the same and leave with TWICE as much - $14,000,000 -  Huh?????   Twice as smart?)

In the next election; 
If you vote for an INCUMBENT - make no mistake - YOU are the PROBLEM.
(Out of the 535 Elected in Congress, perhaps 2 or 3 are Honest.  If they get voted out,  we will have gotten rid of at least 522 (99+%) of the THIEVES & Demagogues.
 DON'T WORRY - The good ones WILL come back  in the following election.
 If we do it like we usually do - Re-Electing Incumbents - a few Bad Guys are voted out every election cycle - 
it will take At Least 500 Years to Drain The Swamp.)



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'Our Country is a Mess Because Politicians Through the Years have Made It That Way.' | Opinion - Conservative

The Donald is 
the 1st man in 150 years that was/is WILLING & ABLE to call out those that RAPE You, Me and our Country DAILY.
      (there have been many Willing, but ONLY Trump has been ABLE)
Trump is an ENORMOUS Threat to their Gravy-Train. 
TRILLIONS of $$ are at stake  (that's Millions of Millions of $$)They WILL NOT give this up WILLINGLY. 
If you don't understand this, ask yourself: 
       Would I give up MILLIONS$$ for my neighbor?
      Would my neighbor give up MILLIONS$$ for me?
  (But, a Politician WOULD?   Duh!)

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Support Our Real Soldiers
"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men(not transvestites) stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

                                     Logic is dead.
                         Common Sense in uncommon.
                               Excellence is punished.
                               Mediocrity is rewarded.
                       And Dependency is to be revered.
    This is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in the present day USA .

                 When crooks rob banks - they go to prison.
             When they rob the taxpayer - they get re-elected.

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                         DickProudChristianConstitutionalist                  I am NOT campaigning for any Political Position or Office
                 I'm trying to get out "The FACTS"  (that the Media won't tell you)
   We have tried, over & over, election after election, to Vote for the right candidates - it NEVERworked.         Now we CAN help Pres. Trump to Drain the Swamp!   (just 3 simple rules:)

1.  Never fail to  ALWAYS Vote in PRIMARIES    (it's the Only timeYOU can choose)2.  Until the SWAMP is DRAINED,  Vote Against ALL Incumbents
3.  In Regular Elections:  
 Always VOTE - AGAINST the ones you likethe LEAST.
NOT Voting at all - is essentially 1/2 Vote or more FOR the BAD GUYS!    They'll WIN Again!

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