Sunday, August 13, 2017


We Are Losing Our Free Speech

Ever since Donald Trump won the election we have seen an unprecedented attack on the free speech of the right.  For some reason liberals believe that any opinions, ideas or even simple comments from conservatives has become the enemy of the state.  We have seen this at multiple places of so-called ‘higher education’ across the country...........
by Pastor Roger Anghis.

What Lawyers Are Practicing Today (Hint: It’s NOT Law)

This week I witnessed an astonishing statement of tyranny in our land. That testimony was given by Jared DeMarinis, the Director of Candidacy and Campaign Finance for the Maryland State Board of Elections. He is one of the highest authorities on so-called election law in Maryland. He is responsible for the implementation of electoral policy as well as the interpretation of state candidacy and campaign finance laws..........
by Pastor David Whitney

The Ethics Of Naturalism Are Unnatural

For those unfamiliar with this movie Stallone plays a trained mountain rescuer who along with fellow rescuer, actor Michael Rooker, are tricked into aiding a fugitive gang who have managed to steal several hundred million dollars from the Federal Reserve but during their escape by airplane are forced to crash land in a desolate mountain range..........
by Pastor Mike Spaulding
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