Sunday, August 13, 2017


Texas Border Wall Protest Aims to Upend Yet Another Trump Promise

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Anger Inception: Californians Now Protesting Against Virginia Protesters

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Global Cooling? Temps Lower Now Than When Gore Released His Propaganda

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Radical Left Adds to Charlottesville Mayhem, Reporter Punched by Antifa Thug 
Marshawn Lynch Becomes Latest NFL Star to Join Anthem Basher’s Club 
North Korea on “Standby To Launch” Nuclear Missiles to Annihilate USA 
Who could we get to Replace Mitch McConnell? 
To Defend Against Hamas and Radical Islam, Israel Goes Underground 
Victory by Evacuation: the Battle for our Children’s Minds 
News You Can Use for August 13, 2017 
Herman Cain Lays Verbal Smackdown on “Songbird” McCain 
Robert Mueller Ramping Up Russia Probe with West Wing Interviews Inevitable 
Trump Gets Approval Bump As Do Nothing Congress Takes Recess 

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Charlottesville White Nationalist Rally Turns Violent Saturday 
Democrat Leader Calls the GOP the Party of “Racism” 
Fox News’ Eric Bolling is Fighting Back 
Your Child’s Best Education happens Outside the Classroom 
News You Can Use for August 12, 2017 
Concerns Over North Korea Nuke Strike Hit The Mainstream 
Yet Another Mysterious Death Linked to DNC in Disturbing Trend 
Americans Preparing for Nuclear Strike As North Korea Continues Posturing 
What Happens if North Korea Persists? 
CNN Anchor Calls Out Hypocrisy of Anti-Trump Clinton Acolyte 
By Embracing Civil Asset Forfeiture, AG Jeff Sessions Embraces Theft 
CNN Makes a Strong Case for Limiting Immigration 
The Psychotic Media Experience 
NHL’s Dallas Stars Support Men in Bathrooms with our Wives and Daughters 
Susan “the Appeaser” Rice has Gone Crazy 

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