Sunday, August 6, 2017


Pence Blasts New York Times for Fake News After 2020 Election Speculation

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Latest Batch of Hillary Emails Show More Reason Than Ever to Investigate

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China Finally Steps Up To Threaten North Korea After Trump Scolding

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Turncoat Republican Senator Comes to Hillary Clinton’s Defense 
Trump Censorship in HS Yearbook Gets Bold Retort from Student’s Father 
Rutgers Mandates $175 Snowflake Training Module for New Students 
PARIS TERROR: Man Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Causes Eiffel Tower Evacuation 
President Trump’s Advisors are Urging Him to Send MORE Troops to Afghanistan 
Treasury Inspector General Discovers a NEW Obama-IRS Scandal 
White House Bible Studies Driving Atheists Insane 
News You Can Use for August 6, 2017 
UCLA Study Pins Global Warming Hoax on Pet Dogs and Cats 
Talk Show Host Warns of Civil War Should Trump Be “Taken Out” 

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Even CNN Insiders Can’t Stand Jim Acosta’s Asinine Antics 
Black Magazine says “Climate Gentrification” could Price African-Americans Out of Homes 
President Trump Lays Out His Plan for Immigration Overhaul 
Childcare Costs are Too High and Liberals Like it That Way 
News You Can Use for August 5, 2017 
Kim Jong Un Threatens U.S. with More “Gift Packages” After ICBM Tests 
Michigan School Accidentally Bans Stars and Stripes Clothing 
MSNBC Tells DOJ Where To Shove Their Subpoenas in Liberal Hissy Fit 
California Labor Officials Kick ICE Agents Out of Offices 
Journalist Leakers Beware: Jeff Sessions is Coming For You 
Bruce Willis’ Newest Movies has Liberals Enraged, Come See Why 
A “Whiff” of Fascism 
A Reflection about Marx, Soros and a Social Justice Warrior World 
Free Speech Warrior Dr. Jordan Peterson Destroys the Transgender Madness 
By Forcing Trump to Sign Russia Sanctions the Deep State Won Another Victory 

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