Thursday, July 13, 2017


Tim Kaine is joining the radical fringe left. He is now claiming President Trump committed treason! Have you had enough of leftist Tim Kaine?

Kaine is taking advice from hysterical leftists while claiming on CNN that Trump committed treason and should go to jail. Kaine has completely lost his mind while getting in bed with the leftist resistance.
He is out of ideas just like the entire Democrat party. His only course of action is to attack the President and call for impeachment. He couldn't wait to go on CNN and talk about treason yesterday.   
Our guess is that Kaine is preparing for a Presidential run himself, so making outrageous comments and accusations about Trump is his way of endearing himself to the resistance and the hysterical liberal elite.
Just in the last month Tim Kaine has held fundraisers in Hollywood and the San Francisco area. He is ignoring Virginia voters while his poll numbers in his home state plummet. That's why he is beatable.
As Tim Kaine gains fame with the coastal elites he is losing favor with real voters! 
Conservative voters in Virginia are giddy at the prospect of retiring Tim Kaine and electing a true Defender of Freedom. Radio host Laura Ingraham has hinted at running. GOP Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has said she may run. 
Either of these strong women leaders can beat Tim Kaine and give true conservatives another voice in the Senate!
Kaine is out of ideas to help the American people so all he has left is throwing out claims of treason and impeachment while being cheered by fake "journalists" on CNN. 

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