Thursday, July 13, 2017


President Trump Knows America’s Greatness Is Liberty

This article will not be like my normally researched articles.  Why?  Because one of the finest education researchers in America who I have long loved and respected recently told me that she would not again vote for President Donald J. Trump.  She is not the only one, but the fact that she has joined the ranks of these people who are one-issue voters makes me so very sad.  She stated that she felt someone else would run who would be better...........
by Kelleigh Nelson.

Linda Sarsour: An Enemy Within

Attention seeker and jihadist Linda Sarsour, an American-born Arab native, is calling to wage Jihad, a terrorist threat against the President of the United States and the White House staff. In reality, Sarsour has declared jihad (holy war) on the United States Government and its people..........
by Amil Imani

The Denigration Of Motherhood

As strange as science has become in today’s world we still know that it is impossible to create a child without both a sperm and an egg.  As unfair as it may seem no man can EVER give birth to a new life.  It is the greatest honor God ever gave to a human being…the carrying of an unborn child to the moment of birth..........
by Coach Dave Daubenmire

College: Enough is Enough

Last year the government and church in Poland, for everyone to see, formally consecrated Jesus Christ as King of Poland, whose right it is to be king over all nations. Among the prayers offered up, during the ceremony in Krakow, was a plea to our Lord “to rule over our universities.”.........
by Lee Duigon

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