Sunday, July 9, 2017

Robert Steele (Bertrand Analysis) (Space Based Navy Warships)


Since we are on the subject that many refuse to acknowledge as real or possible, the following YouTube video concerning a meeting between Putin and former V.P. Biden should raise some concerns as to our planetary existence and what they say may be WWIII, not between nations, but between earth and an approaching armada of warships from another planetary system...due to arrive late this year.

The "Secret Space Program" has its own armada of warships stationed in orbit above the earth and is under the Navy. The missing $2.3 trillion dollars, reported missing by Rumsfeld from the Pentagon, in a news report from 09/10/01, the day before 9/11, are the secret funds that paid for the orbital military ships.

I sometimes review the most outlandish video documentaries, but when you put the puzzle together, regardless if one does not have all the pieces... it is easy to see the overall picture. Since Robert Steele and other creditable former CIA, NASA astronauts, congressmen and presidents have come forward to warn humanity of a cosmic clash with off world identities, it is important for us to take notice and do what? I don't know...but it sure is something to witness in our lifetime.

The Catholic Church is preparing and "offering E.T. a chance to be blessed," for whatever that will do...and have gone as far as to designate a giant telescope at Kitt Peak Observatory near Tucson Arizona, naming the project "Operation Lucifer." Vatican scientists at Kitt Peak are watching for the approaching armada reported to be now within our solar system. I worked security on a 55,000 acre ranch, just below Kitt Peak and knew a technician up at the site that confirmed this.....

The United Nations also designated an ambassador as the welcoming party for E.T., but doesn't mention the fact that extraterrestrials (in particular the Greys) a contingency of forward observers (you might say) are coming and going and have been involved with (this) government since approximately 1948. Eisenhower let that be known around 1952....and Kennedy demanded CIA to release information.

(U.N. Statement 2010)
“When we do, we should have in place a coordinated response that takes into account all the sensitivities related to the subject. The UN is a ready-made mechanism for such coordination.”

Does Trump know what is going-on and wants to coordinate with Russia and maybe is the reason why the "Deep State" would prefer war?

This is more than inter-dimensional cross-overs by good and bad spiritual influences a.k.a. "Falln' Angels" and is reality in its most simplest form. We are NOT the only life sustaining planet in the universe and according to some analysts, THEIR world is dying and earth is of their liking, not to mention the resources they need for sustainability.'s not out hide to be barbequed...

The war of the worlds in late 2017? Putin discusses an invasion with Joe Biden

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