Sunday, July 9, 2017


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Saturday Night Cinema: The Joe Louis Story

Tonight's Saturday Night Cinema feature is The Joe Louis Story. For fans of fight movies (and you can count me in), it's the boxing footage that gives the film life.

PHOTO: Seconds from detonation: Female Muslim suicide bomber holding her BABY is pictured moments before she DETONATES

The idea that Islam is like other religions is absurd and obscene. No respect for human life -- the philosophy that encourages this is a stain on mankind.

Geller still banned from UK but hate preacher who claimed ‘Jews are fleas’ and defended jihad as part of Islamic teaching is allowed into Britain

This is not the exception, but the rule. Vicious hate-spewing imams are warmly welcomed into the UK, but the ban on my entering the UK still stands. Of course, the UK is doomed.

Manchester Arena jihad attacker ‘did NOT act alone’

Police believe that the Manchester jihadi did have accomplices -- aside from Allah and his Prophet, that is. Note, too, the reference to the bomb being funded by a "loan" from the British taxpayer -- not much chance of calling that one in.

Europe is ‘underestimating’ scale of migrant crisis, millions more coming

They are underestimating the crisis because they cannot face what they are up against. Avoiding reality will be catastrophic.

Muslim FM radio station broadcast 25 hours of Al Qaeda leader’s CALLING FOR HOLY WAR against non-Muslims during RAMADAN

Iman FM transmitted 25 hours of sermons from Anwar Al-Awlaki calling on Muslims to wage jihad against non-Muslims. The material "amounted to a direct call to action to members of the Muslim community to prepare for and carry out violent action against non-Muslim people." Awlaki's hate-fueled filth was broadcast during Ramadan.

Jihadis ‘go on Christian killing spree’ in fresh spate of attacks

One of the oldest Christian communities is being relentlessly wiped away right in front of our eyes -- these people are one of the cornerstones of Western Civilization. Speaking this week, President Trump posed the question most other political leaders want to avoid -- do we care enough to protect ourselves from destruction?

Deadly bombing in Egypt claimed by Islamic State

More of the "struggle" Linda Sarsour exhorts to the ummah.

French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron Condemns ‘Israeli Colonialism’

This is rich. His country has been ruined by Muslim immigration, and he condemns Israel. The French Jewish population voted for this idiot en masse. Macron should have condemned Islamic colonialism of France instead.

France allows 100 jihad terror suspects to OWN FIREARMS

Some 100 terror suspects legally own firearms in France.

Massive Muslim protests planned for Paris Holocaust memorial event during Netanyahu visit

Muslims plan massive protests against the Jewish state. Not Islamic terror, hatred or violence, but the Jews.

New York City Frees Illegal with Pending Felony, in Defiance of ICE

Talk about traitorous -- but New York City's left-leaning politicos actually let go an illegal with a pending felony charge, in defiance of immigration authorities.

Netanyahu Slaps Down Brazen UNESCO With $1 Million Budget Cut to UN

Benjamin Netanyahy reacted swiftly to a UNESCO vote aimed at stripping the Jewish state of its heritage and instead, giving it to the Palestinians.

‘Clothes are the reason’: Muslim Brotherhood leader justifies RAPE of little girls

“A lot of girls have been raped due to these clothes that appeal to a man’s animal instincts and desires."

UK: Theresa May “kowtowing” to Saudis by coverup of report on Saudi funding of jihad in Britain

The document slams Prime Minister Theresa May, who visited Saudi Arabia earlier this year, for “kowtowing” to Saudi Arabia by “suppressing” a government report into the funding of extremism in the UK. Last month she was accused of a “cover-up.”

Sweden Overrun, as 86 Percent Supposed ‘Underage’ Migrants Actually Adults

Saying Sweden is being overrun with mostly Muslim migrants is a bit of an understatement. The country's swamped -- and turns out, most migrants are adults, not minors.

Muslim Man Who Plotted to ‘Smoke Some Jews’ Gets Only Two Years in Jail

A Muslim man who plotted to "smoke some Jews" was jailed in France -- but for only two years.

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