Saturday, July 22, 2017


To Russia, With Love, Part 3

In a dual education system, who determines who will be “educated” and those who will only be taught “functional literacy” in vocational services? The 1992 U.S. Department of Labor controversial SCANS Report, advocating controlling future “human capital” as each person's assigned worth or worthlessness to the economy, is coming to fruition............
by Anita Hoge.

Evangelicals Pray For President In W.H. - Democrats Outraged

President Trump, who has an excellent relationship with faith leaders was more than willing when they offered to lay hands on him and pray for his success and safety as well as thanking God for placing him in the most powerful office in the world by overpowering a totally rigged election. That election was so rigged that the world was shocked when the results came in..........
by Rev. Austin Miles

Time To Start Making America Great Again

I watched from gavel to gavel coverage, and I thought he was lying based on the hesitance with which he gave his answers and his body language. There were myriad signs that he was not truthful. His agenda was clear: Hit Trump and hit him hard. Now, Mueller is investigating Trump for obstruction, but there is no proof of same. It’s a “he-said-he-said” situation unless Trump really does have tapes..........
by Amil Imani

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