Saturday, July 22, 2017


Trump Twitterstorm Targets Leaks, Clinton, Conspiracy Theories, and More

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UC Berkeley’s War on Free Speech Takes Hit With Ben Shapiro Announcement

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Experts Warn That ISIS Could Weaponize Bubonic Plague To Wipe Out Cities

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Radical Left Recruiting Foot Soldiers With $15K Full Time Wage 
New York Times Publishes Info That Allowed ISIS Head Honcho to Escape U.S. Troops 
CNN Headquarters Under Siege by Massive Anti-Fake News Protests 
AL Governor “Shocked” by Trump Remarks Resigns Over Sex Scandal 
Trump Administration Moves to Eliminate Unnecessary Occupational Licensing 
Chuck Schumer Sees Massive Drop in Favorability Ratings 
Bill Nye Wants You All to Die 
News You Can Use for July 22, 2017 
Radical Leftist Teacher in Berkeley Arrested for Organizing Violence in Sacramento 
Maxine Waters Makes Confusing Statements On 2020, Senility Suspicions Aroused 

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Caitlyn Jenner Irks Entire Trans Community With Tasteless Aerosmith Joke 
Chicago Red Light Camera Lawsuit Could Cost Windy City Nearly $40M 
DNC in Massive Debt, Future of Organization in Considerable Jeopardy 
TRUMP EFFECT: Food Stamp Usage PLUMMETS Under The Donald 
Same Stuff, Different Day – It’s Not Getting Better 
Over $1.4 Million in Student Loan Debt… For What? 
Survey Shows Most Americans are Afraid of Another War 
Spending Increases Threaten to Bog Down Economic Growth 
Community Colleges Call for End to Algebra Requirement, Say it’s a “Civil Rights” Issue 
Shock News: US Post Office Broke the Hatch Act to Help the Clinton Campaign 
The Man We Need to Fix Healthcare 
Will Special Counsel Bob Mueller Pass the Real Test? 
News You Can Use for July 21, 2017 
Leftists Blame Big Families for Global Warming 
The Health Care Cost Crisis and its Solution 

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