Monday, July 31, 2017


Today's Headlines

Blackmail? Wasserman Schultz planned to pay Muslim IT spy even while he lived in Pakistan

This is an immense scandal with multiple implications, and cries out for a full and thorough investigation. But there will almost certainly not be one: too many powerful people involved, with too much at stake. And that in itself demonstrates again why a full investigation is needed.

Minneapolis mayoral candidate Raymond Dehn proposes disarming cops after Muslim cop kills unarmed woman

The only thing more logic-defying than this proposal is how these evil clowns actually get elected. Is Hodges to be replaced by this scary moron?

DO YOU KNOW THEM? Cops release CCTV of two men after a schoolgirl, 15, is raped and then attacked AGAIN as she flagged a car down for help

A Muslim male raped a school-girl girl near Witton train station in Birmingham. After escaping him, she was raped by a different Muslim who she flagged down for help.

French Teacher: Muslim students can never be French, because their religion forbids them

"I've been a teacher (history-geo-civics teacher) for over 20 years. I have practiced in 5 suburban colleges, including two Zone d'éducation prioritaire and one in an establishment classified violence zone.

London Bridge jihadi worked as a teacher at an Islamic school where he ‘radicalised Muslim children as young as four’

How many other devout Muslims are weaponizing Muslim children? This savage can teach but I am banned from the UK.

Robert Spencer: Yes, It Really Is All About Islam

Two news items this week show us once again what the establishment media and almost all political authorities in the free world are determined to deny: jihad terrorism really is all about Islam.

Mother raped by a ‘Good Samaritan’ Muslim migrant is now ‘broken person’

The elites would have you believe it is the rapist who is the victim. This is his culture, his religion, his understanding of how infidel women are his for the raping.

After Muslim cop Mohamed Noor shoots unarmed woman in pajamas, investigators search her home

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigators were granted permission to search Justine Damond's home hours after she was shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer, according to court records.

The Inner Workings of Islam: The Power of Taboo

Here's a quiz question for you: What connects Persia with Morocco, two countries that are almost on the opposite sides of the world? Answer: Islam and the treatment of non-Muslims in their midst.

“Palestinian” Flag Flies over Jewish Camp Solomon Schechter

Flying the Palestinian Jewish day school camp is akin to flying the Nazi flag, and at German Jewish day school in 1938. Has a Jewish flag ever flown over a Muslim school or camp? Ever?

U.S. Muslim Leaders Promote Nationwide Protests Despite Israeli Concessions

Israel removed metal detectors Tuesday which were installed near an entrance to Jerusalem's Al Aqsa Mosque in response to a deadly July 14th terrorist attack. Still, rallies planned throughout the country are being pushed by American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and Jewish Voice for Peace. Similar gatherings last week featured harsh anti-Israel rhetoric.

Donald Trump Threatens to Cancel Some Health Care Benefits for Lawmakers

President Donald Trump thinks he has the solution to compel lawmakers to pass Obamacare repeal: make them use the same Obamacare system as the rest of Americans suffer.

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