Monday, July 31, 2017


Turncoat McConnell Wages War on Southern Conservatives in Special Election

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New Poll Shows NFL’s Massive Drop in Ratings Due to Anthem Protests

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Trump Chides China, Says U.S. Will “Handle” North Korea After Latest Launch

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Google’s Spy Software Gets Formal Watchdog Privacy Complaint 
Obamacare Will Create Insurance Monopoly in 1,300 Counties by 2018 
Liberal “Resistance” Media Sides with Mexican Street Gang over POTUS 
China Chastises U.S. For North Korea Statements 
UPDATED: Scaramucci FIRED As White House Press Director 
VP Pence – Russia is the Biggest Threat Eastern Europe Faces 
Germany’s Violent Weekend Shocks the World 
Stabbed in the Back 
Why did Democrat Leader Plan to Pay Criminal IT Aide Even After He Fled for Pakistan? 
President Trump Celebrates God, Country, and Family 

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Illegal Suspected of Rape has been Deported 20 Times! 
Why Jesus Could Return by A.D. 2000 
Does a New Scientific Discovery Disprove the Bible? 
Leaving a Legacy of Entrepreneurialism 
News You Can Use for July 31, 2017 
Veterans’ Memorial Resurrected By Residents After County’s Removal 
Professor: Liberal LED Light Bulbs Now Causing Health Problems 
Trump Sends Bombers to Buzz North Korea, Conflict Now Imminent 
Twitter Bans Pastor’s Book as Hate Speech because it Quotes Bible 
Help Fight Back Against the Anti-Semitic BDS Movement 
Knoxville Bows to Atheists 
News You Can Use for July 30, 2017 
China’s Newest Naval Nuisance: High Tech Drone Submarines 
Trump Takes Obamacare into His Own Hands, Threatens To Cut Off Funding 
Trump Hits Back at Do-Nothing Congress, “You Look Like Fools!” 

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