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Love letters on an open thread

Straight from my heart on a Friday night open thread.


Earlier this week, I reported on a Nazi Germany-inspired economic boycott of certain Jewish goods in Canada. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency banned wines produced in Judea and Samaria and other Israeli areas, saying they should not be labelled as products of Israel. Freedom-loving people were outraged. You were heard. After a backlash from the Israeli government and Jewish groups, the agency said a junior employee "made a mistake."
Mazel tov!

Over 150 Christian Churches Plundered, Destroyed In Kosovo By Muslims

Ever since NATO and the Clinton Administration engineered the Albanian Muslim takeover of Serbia's ancient cradle of Christian Kosovo back in 1999, there have been over 150 Christian places of worship in Kosovo plundered, destroyed, burned down and trashed.

Churches In Egypt Halt All Activities For Remainder Of July Amid Terror Threat

The biggest story of this new century that no one talks about or dares speak of is the persecution, oppression and slaughter of religious minorities under Islamic rule. No, the big story, the big fiction, according to our quisling elites, is "islamophobia." Embrace the hate under penalty of death, respect it!

“Almost no country needs to be more worried about jihadist Islam spreading than India”

India has long suffered at the hands of jihadists. At least 80 million Hindus have been slaughtered in jihadi wars. Centuries of persecution, oppression, genocide. For all these many years I have reported on a jihad threat in India.

Muslim Museum Guard, Muslim Family Arrested in Giant Gold Coin Theft From Berlin Museum

The BBC calls the perps an "Arab crime family." Uh huh. The New York Times doesn't mention their ethnicity -- only saying, "Around 300 German police officers and members of the special forces, heavily armed and wearing masks, made the four arrests on Wednesday, mostly in the Neukölln neighborhood, which is populated with large communities of immigrants and hipsters."

George Soros-Tied Groups Pile On Lawsuits to Stop Trump’s Look at Election Discrepancies

The list of George Soros-tied groups joining in the political battle against President Donald Trump's look at election fraud is growing longer.

Sharia implemented in “moderate” Malaysia as state allows PUBLIC CANINGS

PUBLIC caning will be allowed in part of Malaysia after a state amended its Islamic laws.

Several UK jihad-terror attacks stopped within moments of execution

And what is British law enforcement doing? Arresting people who say anything critical of Islam

Army Prepares Women to Shower With Men as Part of Transgender Equality Training

Enough with the social experimentation ongoing in our nation's military. Now females are expected to shower with males -- all in the name of transgender equality?

TERROR attack in Egypt: SIX FEMALE TOURISTS were stabbed in the resort, 2 DEAD

Hurghada is a popular tourist hotspot on the Red Sea coast. The attack came just hours after five policemen were gunned down in the city of Giza when Islamic militants opened fire on their vehicle in the early hours of the morning.
Repeat after me, it's religion of peace.

Sharia UK: Burger vendor taken to court, fined for “hate speech” for criticizing Islam

Consider this -- there have been five jihad terror attacks foiled in the last few weeks, including some which were “very close” to being carried out, Britain’s most senior police officer has said, but this is what the British police are busying themselves with -- sharia enforcement.
UK is doomed.

VIDEO: 2 Israeli police officers confirmed dead following Temple Mount jihad attack

Two police officers were fatally shot during an attack at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem Friday morning. Police Chief Roni Alsheich confirmed the deaths following the incident involving three assailants.

Kenya: Muslims ask Christians to “recite Islamic dogmas,” and murder them when they can’t

“The Christians were asked to recite the Islamic dogmas, which they could not, hence they were killed.”

Five officers with Canada’s CSIS spy service launch $35 MILLION lawsuit accusing it of “ISLAMOPHOBIA”

Five intelligence officers and analysts with Canada’s spy service have launched a $35-million lawsuit against their employer, claiming the Canadian Security Intelligence Service is a toxic workplace with managers who openly espouse Islamophobic, racist and homophobic views and discriminate against Muslim, Black and gay employees.

France: Physicians regularly ASSAULTED by Muslims, attacks met with silence

More horror stories from France. Doctors are attacked daily, with impunity, in hospitals and in their offices. The news is suppressed, censored, scrubbed. But the daily terror of the Muslim invasion is very real.

The Taliban Is Using Kidnapped KIDS And Blowing Them Up

Afghan police have arrested human traffickers for trying to ship kidnapped kids to the Taliban to be used as suicide bombers.

Pakistan: Muslim murders Christian priest, father of six

"Akhtar Masih he was work in fields as farmer, but in part time he serves his life to preached the peoples as local priest. He was brutally murdered by a Muslim man."

Al Jazeera Paints Armed Palestinians Who Stormed Jerusalem’s Old City as Victims

Al Jazeera has taken the story of the three armed Palestinians who stormed Jerusalem's Old City and turned it into a piece about Israeli aggression -- painting the Palestinians as the victims.

BBC Muslim Contributor Reverts to Outrageous Anti-Semitism, Without Challenge

The enemedia's at it again, this time blaring forth a blatant piece of biased garbage about India's border dispute with China and Pakistan -- that turned into an anti-Israel, anti-Semitic hit piece.

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