Saturday, July 15, 2017


Leftist Plan to Target Conservative Media Annihilated by FEC

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Clinton-Russia Relations Demonstrate Enormous Hypocrisy on Don Jr. Scandal

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Is Elizabeth Warren Losing Her Mind Over Kid Rock’s Proposed Senate Run?

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POTUS’ Character Unshaken As He Banters With Press on Air Force 1 
Congress’ Sleeveless Stunt Calls Nancy Pelosi’s Feminism into Question 
Ford Fusion Sedans Used to Smuggle $1M in Weed Into Ohio…AGAIN 
Columbia Law Professor Predicts Trump Resignation Over Don Jr.’s Russian Rendezvous 
Hmmm: Doubt Surfaces about Whether or Not Clinton Investigator Comitted Suicide 
Another Clinton Investigator “Commits Suicide” 
We Shouldn’t be Celebrating Bastille Day with the French 
News You Can Use for July 15, 2017 
More Clinton Foundation Special Favors Revealed in Massive New Info Dump 
Google Takes Fake News to A New Low with Robot “Journalists” 

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Cartel Gunmen Storm Border, Bring Gruesome Violence into Texas 
Even CNN Suffering from “Russia Fatigue” Says Fake News Anchor 
Pence Calls in The Cavalry As Trump Tumult Troubles GOP and Nation 
Your Tax Money is Subsidizing Retail Leviathan’s Shipping Costs 
CNN Keeps Offering more Evidence of their Bias 
“News” Hosts have No Idea What Trump Means about Clinton-Ukraine Collusion 
Meet the Three Senators the GOP Needs for Obamacare Repeal to Pass 
Obama’s Federal Reserve: the False Prophet of Prosperity 
Why did the Obama Administration Give that Russian Lawyer a Special Pass into the USA? 
According to Atheists Your Brain is just a “Meat Computer” and You have No Free Will 
When Scientists became Fortune Tellers 
News You Can Use for July 14, 2017 
New York City Police Commissioner Slams Liberal Activists for their Silence 
Ignorance is No Excuse when Breaking the Law… Unless You’re a Muslim Refugee? 
Leftist SPLC: Falsely Accusing Others of Hate 

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