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Terror Spox Linda Sarsour NEVER TURNED OVER 100K PROMISED for Jewish graves in crowdfunder publicity stunt

After leftists designated sharia supporter and notorious Jew-hater Linda Sarsour a 'leader" of the feminist movement, her ugly past came to the fore. In a bid to deceive and deflect, Sarsour staged a self-aggrandizing publicity stunt.

David Wood and his family need our HELP

So many have given up the fight or trimmed back the truth in order to stay in the mainstream. David has always been true to the cause. He is one of the rare ones that I deeply admire.
His family needs our help now. Won't you? If you were planning on giving to GR, give it to the Wood family this month instead. Give generously.

Archbishop: ‘Muslims Say France Will Be Theirs One Day’

It's not just this Archbishop, Muslim supremacists and their leaders, imams and fighters have been telling us this for decades. Except when we repeat it, we're "islamophobes" and "racists" (Islam is not a race). When Muslims say it, the media, academic and cultural elites insist it's righteous. Respect it!

Facebook Executive travels to Pakistan to assure government it will remove “anti-Islam” material

Facebook has adopted sharia-complaint policies for some time now. My feed is blocked from my millions of followers on Facebook, and I have seen my circulation drop precipitously in the past three months. For news publishers, Facebook is the motherboard of link traffic. No news site can survive without them. Why the block? Because under Islamic law, you cannot criticize Islam. Facebook adhering to the most extreme and brutal ideology on the face of the earth should trouble all of us, because Mark Zuckerberg has immense power. He controls the flow of information. He controls what you see and don’t see on Facebook. We did not give him the power to abridge our unalienable freedoms.

VIDEO and Photos: Milo Yiannopoulos Free Speech Rally Protesting Simon & Schuster’s Capitulation to Leftist Fascists

"DANGEROUS was #1 on Amazon based on pre-orders before Simon & Schuster canceled the book. It was the most anticipated book in decades, but they terminated MILO’s contract and canceled the book under intense pressure from leftists intent on shutting down free speech."

Florida Jury: Fired Muslim Deputy Made Up Anti-Muslim Claims

A little background on the faked hate fraudster: Waleed Albakri filed an internal complaint with the Office of Professional Standards in August 2014, charging the Sheriff's Office with discrimination based on his Islamic faith. He had been working undercover in a drug and prostitution unit. Two months later, deputies arrested him and accused him of staging a burglary the previous year to collect renter’s insurance, records show. Albakri, a former Orange County deputy sued the sheriff's office, alleging discrimination based on his Islamic faith. So two years later he sues for "islamophobia" when caught. Why wasn't he charged and sentenced to jail for fraud and stealing? Muslims get special status and treatment and still they sue.

Muslims in Bulgaria Acting as Instruments of Turkish Islam as Erdogan Interferes in Bulgarian Elections

Turkey openly interferes in Bulgaria's elections. History's roots run deep. Outcomes of wars, effects of ancient policies can still be useful even in the 21st century!

U.S. Commander Warns of Rejoicing in Terror War Wins: ‘ISIS 2.0’ Lurks

America's top military commander in Iraq warned that the ousting of ISIS from Mosul doesn't end the war -- that an "ISIS 2.0" could very well be lurking.

G20 Riots Took on ‘Characteristics of Terrorism,’ As 476 Cops Left Injured

G20 riots grew so fierce that government observers said they seemed, at times, akin to a terrorist attack.

Trump Tweets on Confirmed Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s Death: ‘Big Wins Against ISIS!’

The Syrian Observatory has confirmed the death of ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi -- and President Donald Trump is crowing, rightly so, about the "big wins."

India: Muslims riot over FACEBOOK POST, set stores on fire, attack police, STAB 65-year-old man to DEATH

A 65-year-old man died of stab wounds in Kolkata on Thursday as fresh violence erupted in parts of West Bengal’s Basirhat region that has been rocked by communal clashes over a controversial Facebook post.

France: Muslim police officer charged with helping Muslims join ISIS

He is suspected of having helped his brother recruit jihadists to a terrorist cell. His brother has been in prison for a year after his links with Isis fighters in Syria and Iraq were revealed.

Chicago-area leftists demand resignation of Township Trustee for “anti-Muslim” Facebook posts

Critics flooded the township board of trustees meeting Monday night. They are calling for Brannigan to step down and plan to protest until that happens.

Islamic State Calls On Muslims in the West to Attack US and Europe

There are no lone wolves in the global jihad. It is a worldwide war in which education, income, color, race are of no import. There is but one objective -- holy war in the cause of Allah.
This call to holy war evokes Linda Sarsour's call for a jihad against against President Trump. It's all of a piece.

Venezuelans Wrap 100-Day Street Protest Against Socialism: 108 Dead

Socialism is crumbling in Venezuela, where residents just wrapped a 100-day protest campaign against the government -- a campaign that left 108 dead.

Israel Backs Hungary, Says Financier George Soros is a Threat

Israel's foreign ministry issued a statement denouncing George Soros and labeling him as a national threat.

Muslim Arrested for Plotting Terror Attack at Ariana Grande Concert

Police arrested a man believed to have been plotting a terror attack on an Ariana Grande concert -- but they also seemed to cover up his Muslim ties.

VIDEO and Photos: Hamas-CAIR Protests Travel Ban at Trump Tower

On July 4, 2017 (Noon), CAIR-NY sponsored a presser; a Muslim-led teach-in and rally in the Fifth Floor Atrium -- a public space -- in what they described as the "hideous" Trump Tower (though later they chanted "Whose tower, OUR Tower").

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