Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Russian Lawyer that Met with Trump Jr., Tied to DNC and Obama Admin?

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More Democrat Collusion with our Enemies Remembered

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MSNBC Hack Dares Anyone to Show Another Campaign being Helped by Foreign Government, Forgets Clinton Ties to Ukraine

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Russian Lawyer Denies Offer of Information on Clinton Campaign 
Liberal Constitutional Scholar Slams Media Freak Out over Donald Trump Jr. 
Trump Administration Signs Anti-Terrorism Deal with Qatar 
Breaking News: Scientists Discovered A New Paradigm for Climate Science 
Ask the Expert: Never Release Your Emails! 
Not-a-Surprise! MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Announces He’s Leaving the GOP 
RINO John McCain Suspected of Leaking False “Trump Dossier” to the Media! 
Liberal Elites Browbeat Conservatives for Not Admiring Them 
News You Can Use for July 12, 2017 
Smoking Gun in DNC Email Hack Revealed By Anonymous Tech Investigator 

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Vatican Won’t Succumb To Gluten Nazis, Communion Wafer Will Remain As Is 
SNL Actor Defends Trump Against Fake News, Then Promptly Erases Post
Sad Saga of Charlie Gard Gets Creative Congressional Possibility 
Domestic Terrorism Eyed As Explosion Rocks Recruiting Center in OK 
ICBM Expert Warns North Korea Nukes Capable of 6,000 Mile Flight With Minor Tweaks 
Who’s the Bully? 
Stop the Killing on Both Sides of the “Thin Blue Line” 
Trump Administration Puts Onus on Russia for Resolving Ukraine Problems, John McCain Undermines Trump… Again 
Senate Continue to Drag their Feet in Confirming Trump Officials to Office
Don’t Forget: Politico PROVED that One Candidate Colluded with a Foreign Government in 2016 
No, Trump’s Warsaw Speech was NOT “Racist” or “Bigoted” 
A Bomb Explodes the Global Warming Myth 
News You Can Use for July 11, 2017 
Chuck “Pass The Buck” Schumer Blames POTUS For NYC Subway Nightmare 
Climate Hoaxers Receive Bombshell of Bad News In New Study 

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