Friday, July 7, 2017


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COP says fears of being accused of islamophobia led to police to shelving Muslim child sex ring investigations

Hundreds of thousands of infidel girl have been raped, trafficked and traded by Muslim child sex gangs in the UK and nothing has been done. These Muslim gangs act with impunity because they know they have a special status -- a supremacist status sanctioned by the state.

Austria ready to deploy army at Italy border to stop flow of migrants

Closing the barn door when the cow has bolted ...... the fact is they are going to need to deploy their army in the streets.

Report: Open Borders Advocate George Clooney Moving Family Back to Trump’s America for ‘Security Reasons’

Classic NIMBY (not in my backyard) limousine liberals. These two do-gooders have been traipsing around the world pushing world leaders to open their borders and expand migrant immigration - as long as they don't have to live them.

Nazi WAR CRIMINAL living ILLEGALLY in US for 60 YEARS — expel him NOW

This Nazi has no right to live here. It's time for the President of the United States and our State Department to show the world how murderous fiends should be regarded and disposed of.

Linda Sarsour calls for Muslims to wage ‘JIHAD’ against Trump

Linda Sarsour, a Hamas-tied and prominent Women’s March leader, Islamic supremacist, and anti-Semite, has called for a “jihad” (Islamic holy war) against President Trump.

UK: Muslim who deliberately slammed car into Eid worshippers jailed for 12 years

Akikul Islam, 25, was sentenced after previously being found guilty of two counts of causing grievous bodily harm and one count of attempted GBH.

UK: Muslim screams “praise Allah” and “something’s about to happen” on bus, police say it’s NOT terror related

ARMED cops swooped on a Megabus from London last night after a “disruptive” man shouting “praise Allah” and “something’s about to happen” caused a driver to pull over and evacuate worried passengers.

American ISIS leader’s turn to JIHAD TERROR began after he began attending MOSQUE and reading QURAN

"Learning about the religion and reciting the Quran, I started to become more religious."

Leftist Bill Gates Warns Mass Immigration in Europe a Disaster

What's that -- did the leftist Bill Gates of Microsoft fame just warn about the dangers of mass migration? Why yes, yes he did.

Khamenei: “Palestine is number one issue of Islamic world”

“According to Islamic jurisprudence, when an enemy takes over Muslim lands, jihad in any possible form becomes everyone’s duty,” he said. “Palestine is the number one issue of the Islamic world."

Nikki Haley Slammed by PLO as ‘One-Woman Crusade’ Against Palestinians

Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, is being painted as a "one-woman crusade" against Palestinian interests.

Trump Effect: Other Countries Behaving Less Aggressively Since White House Changed Hands

Since Donald Trump took over the presidency, other nations have become a lot quieter, a lot milder and a lot less aggressive, particularly on matters of trade.

Louisiana cop killer “left a printout in his car from an Islamic holy book”

Armed with a semi-automatic rifle that he legally purchased, Long fatally shot three officers and wounded three others on July 17 before tactical officers killed him, ending a gun battle that lasted nearly 14 minutes that Sunday morning....
He also left a printout in his car from an Islamic holy book that was mostly in Arabic.

Canada’s Trudeau-Backed $10.5 Million Payment to Jihadist Facing Court Challenge

Canada's pay-out of $10.5 million to a jihadist is now being contested in court -- by the widow of the killed U.S. soldier.

Hundreds of Jihadis Among Ranks of Refugees Arriving in Germany

It's like a bad game of "Where's Waldo?" Identifying jihadists among the ranks of Germany's thousands of refugees has become deadly business.

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