Friday, July 7, 2017


CNN’s Ratings Collapse as “Mistakes” Continue to Pile Up

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Far-Left Rioters are Wreaking Havoc during G-20 Meetings in Germany

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Media Ignores Trump’s Rousing Success in Poland

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Polish President calls CNN “Fake News” after Ridiculous Anti-Trump Story 
70,000 Take to the Streets and March for Life 
Fake News Foiled Again 
Former ESPN Reporter Blasts Colin Kaepernick’s Independence Day Slam 
Liberal Icon and Muslim Activist Linda Sarsour calls for “Jihad” Against Trump 
Could Trump Stop the Time Warner-AT&T Merger if CNN’s Jeff Zucker isn’t Fired? 
Can Atheists Account for Morality? 
News You Can Use for July 7, 2017 
The Grassroots Internet Response to CNN’s Trump Complaints 
Democrat IT Specialists Stole Millions of Taxpayer Dollars… and Maybe Did Worse 

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No Zuckerberg, Facebook Is No Replacement for Church 
President Trump Delivers Hope in Powerful Speech to the Polish People 
Did CNN Just Blackmail the Wrong Person? 
We must Again Declare our Independence from Oppressive Government 
Say “No” to Cyber Bullying 
CNN Picked The Wrong Fight, Staff Has Personal Info Leaked to Public 
PETA Taking Heat From Liberal Base Over Sexism of Scantily Clad Slacktivists 
CNN, Others Go After Trump For Poland Speech, Claim to Be “Free” Press
Steve Scalise’s Condition Worsens, Congressman Readmitted to ICU 
North Korea Gets Grave Warning From U.S. Forces in South Korea: Ready For War 
Will Puerto Rico be #51? 
News You Can Use for July 6, 2017 
Vast Majority Of Trump Supporters Ready To Strike North Korea 
Google Facing Yet ANOTHER Anti-Trust Fine in Europe Over Cell Phone Railroading 
Hollywood Starlet Defends POTUS, Urges Americans to Trust Trump 

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