Monday, July 3, 2017


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Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook Is “The New Church”

This should trouble all of us because Mark Zuckerberg has immense power. He says Facebook is the "new church." And who is he? Jesus Christ?

Robert Spencer: Tennessee Imam Yasir Qadhi Claims I “Fabricated” Idea the Muslims Want to Subjugate Non-Muslims

Much of the hysteria about “Islamophobia” in the U.S. is driven by ignorance: not, as is commonly claimed, the ignorance of racist, redneck yahoos about the true, peaceful nature of Islam, but the ignorance of well-meaning non-Muslims about the violent and supremacist aspects of Islam.

In their own words: Linda Sarsour and Tish James — Patriotism or TREASON?

July 4, Independence Day is just days away. So I decided to transcribe Letitia (James) and Linda (Sarsour), to throw some light on their rabble-rousing accusations. BOTH claiming to be Proud Americans. Patriots who are RECLAIMING America. Saving our Constitution.... from those hateful, racist Republicans. Are you buying what they are selling? Maybe not, but sadly, there are buyers.

Female ER worker VIOLENTLY ATTACKED by Muslim shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’

It is the young girls who are on the front lines in this war on our culture, our countries our civilizations. The epidemic of rape jihad, Muslim sex trafficking gangs, music festival and New Year's eve sexual terror, and the daily diet of attacks on young girls. Radon attacks on girls and women for .... wearing shorts.

VIDEO Muslim Cleric: Female Genital Mutilation is Good for the Economy

Good for the economy? That's a vile and utterly bogus and specious argument, unless one makes the case that the lifelong heath problems caused by FGM are good for the medical business. FGM is good for husbands, who sleep better knowing their wives won't cheat with a mutilated vagina. There are no health benefits to cutting a girl's clitoris off. There is but one objective -- impose a lifetime devoid of sexual pleasure.

Muslim-Only Soccer Makes its Midwest Debut

Muslim-only soccer comes to the Midwest. "Among those ... 60 to 80 players being bused from refugee settlements in Ohio."

Masked Muslims DESECRATE, DESTROY THOUSANDS of graves of British war heroes

It's difficult to shed tears when the Brits have surrendered their culture, their freedoms to this hate-filled ideology.

CNN Interviews Sesame Street’s Elmo About ‘Wonderful’ Trip to REFUGEE CAMP

CNN ran a story on Monday describing the “wonderful” visit of Sesame Street character Elmo to a refugee camp in Syria, where he concludes that “refugee kids are just like us.”

Northern Ireland: Three men arrested over reports of “ANTI-ISLAMIC MATERIAL”

They have been arrested as a result of an investigation following reports of anti-Islamic material being displayed in the Armagh area, which was reported to Police on June 21, and the discovery of material in Newry on June 21.

Keith Ellison Still Blaming Trump For Violent Attack By Bernie Sanders Supporter

Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison claimed Monday night that President Trump’s rhetoric is “green-lighting ugly and hate” and tied the president’s rhetoric and travel ban to a deadly attack by a Bernie Sanders supporter in Portland last month.

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