Monday, July 3, 2017


Media Shoulders Much of the Blame for Trump’s Twitter Tirades

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President Trump Extends a Hand to #Charlie’sArmy Offers Help for Baby Charlie Gard

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Dilbert Creator Mocks Left for Infatuation with Trump’s Tweets

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President Trump Cuts White House Spending, Saves Americans Millions 
A Hero’s Welcome Awaits President Trump in Poland 
President Trump Chastises Big Government Liberals – “In America we Don’t Worship Government, We Worship God” 
Repeal Unconstitutional Federal Gun Laws – Don’t Add to Them! 
Republicans have No Faith in the Media’s Coverage on Trump 
Bernie Sanders is Starting to Feel the FBI Heat 
Would Jesus Bake the “Gay Wedding” Cake? 
The People’s Democratic Republic of California 
News You Can Use for July 3, 2017 

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California Kid Does The Unthinkable To Veterans’ Graves 
Trump Sends Clear Signal in South China Sea Via Armed Warship 
Armageddon Tech: NASA Leads Way With Asteroid Redirection Test 
Texas Supreme Court Strikes Down Ruling that Same-Sex Couples are Entitled to Marriage Benefits 
July 2nd is America’s REAL Independence Day 
2 Birds One Stone 
Evidence Explains why Stupid People are Poor and Don’t Live Long 
News You Can Use for July 2, 2017 
War On Christianity Comes to Campus in Oklahoma 
Russians Invading D.C., Taking Over Radio Waves in Nation’s Capital 
Restaurant Servers Grateful For Rollback of Maine’s Minimum Wage Hike 
Obama’s Transgender Troop Plan Paused By Pentagon 
Shocking New Report finds Obamaphone Fraud as High as 65%! 
GOP Operative Tried to Get Hacked Hillary Emails by Implying He was Working with Michael Flynn 
The GOP Takes a Break 

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