Thursday, July 27, 2017


Democrat Leadership is Involved in a Massive Criminal Cover-Up – Mainstream Media Silent

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Imams at Two Different California Mosques Call for the Destruction of the Jews

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Democrats Terrified as Kid Rock begins Registering Voters at His Concerts!

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Comedian Adam Carolla and Pundit Ben Shapiro Testify on the Danger College Campuses Pose to the First Amendment 
Is Bible Prophesy Being Fulfilled in Our Time? 
Obamacare Continues to Collapse – Co-Op Trade Association Now Dead 
Border Patrol President says Ted Cruz is “Our Advocate” in Congress 
Left-Wing Snopes Mired in Embarrassing Series of Scandals 
5 Proven Tips for Selling Anything Online 
The “Not-so-Silent” Coup 
According to CBO 15 MILLION Americans Would Dump Obamacare if Allowed To 
HBO Defends Free Speech in Fight Over Upcoming Civil War Drama 
Twitter Suspends Author of “No Go Zones” Book, Revealing Globalist Slant 

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Voter Data for 40 Million Americans For Sale Via Dark Web 
Press Chief Scaramucci Invokes Priebus on Financial Leak in Now-Deleted Tweet 
LGBT Activists Flip Out when a Christian Ministry Uses the Rainbow 
News You Can Use for July 27, 2017 
Fact-Checker Snopes On Verge of Financial Meltdown Amid Divorce Scandal 
GOP Turncoats Vote “No” To Obamacare Repeal, After They Voted “Yes” Under Obama 
Calexit Back on The Agenda as California Continues to Move Toward Secession 
DNC Under Congressional Investigation Over Ukrainian Vote Influencers 
Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT Assistant Snatched at Border Attempting to Flee 
Scalise Headed To Rehab After Recovery From Radical Leftist Attack 
Senator Rand Paul: Repeal Obamacare Now! 
Democrat Congresswoman Defends Trump Moves in Syria, says it’s Not about Russia 
Elites’ Secret Signals Trigger Billion-Dollar Deals 
Will the Left Wing Russia Fear Mongering Lead to War? 
Democrat Leader’s Personal IT Guy Arrested Attempting to Flee to Pakistan 

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