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Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

Subject: Your Morning Intelligence Brief  (July 27th, 2017)

Ed Note: Trump has done it again by stirring the masses with his "ban on transgenders in the military," a social experiment initiated inside the military as a means by the Obama administration to destroy the morale of our fighting forces. The purge of generals and other high ranking officers by Obama, including the CIA's orders to the NWO socialist puppet to approve orders for the U.S. military to train and advise al Qaeda / ISIS terrorists for the Arab Spring initiative was an ongoing internal battle that diminished the goal of protecting the United States against an attack. High ranking officers that resisted...were retired early.

Today, there's a new sheriff in town and he's kicking ass to the dismay of the socialist / communist Left and his latest move, seen as "bigotry," and accused of throwing the LGBT under the bus is not the issue...but is it??

President Trump is the "Commander-in-Chief" of the entire military forces and his order for a potential social problem, among the ranks, to be removed as a National Security concern, has absolutely nothing to do with a man or woman wanting to mutilate themselves for reasons that are considered absurd, and unknown, if not a mental issue that cannot be protected by the military, but has been allowed as THEIR Right under the Constitution. The Constitution does not state a military must give a transgender a job, as United Airlines does not allow pilots that have tattoos on their faces and a nose ring to pilot their planes. It can cause disrespect between the flight crew and would creep-out the passengers....therefore, it's a "Safety Concern." 

For one....there (was) suppose to be a "Klinger" transition period of adjustment where a man must dress like a woman, stuff a bra and wear make-up etc. That period has been reduced to 6 months. So...among the ranks in a battle for Mosul, a pre-surgery transgender is kicking in doors looking for terrorists and the confused Muslim...shocked or confused from what he sees, offers his wrists immediately for plastic cuffs?? A male looking soldier with breasts and a wig, is maybe not the case, but rebellion among the LGBT, to have it their way, is not an over-the-top assumption.

How about a transgender (following surgery) becomes depressed because he/she didn't realize the extent of the change and is driving a Humvee with two other soldiers and he/she is immediately told to swerve left to avoid a potential I.E.D. roadside bomb and because he/she is so depressed, he/she swerves to the right and over the I.E.D. and they all die because of a social experiment gone mad?

Can it happen? You bet....

Besides the fact that Obama approved transgenders in the military (October 2016), he also gave the malcontents the "Right" to have the VA pay for their sex change. Is it any wonder why all latrines on the newly commissioned USS Ford have neutral friendly bathrooms? For the real women on that fortress, a neutral bathroom must be disturbing.

The percentage of those that NEED a sex change is very low and this latest trend for a sex change is being taught to elementary students in the United States, making transgendering a trendy thing to do....a battle against God. Bullshit !
--Dave Bertrand
See also our own BDR friend Nigel Farage discuss Trump's ban on transgenders in the military

Today's Featured Article / Report
Trump Supporters Prepare For Battle
By J.B. Williams  /  News With Views
Since the day Donald J. Trump announced his bid for the White House, he has been embattled with globalist “never-Trumpers” across the aisle, around the globe and in his own party.
They tried to prevent him from entering the race – tried to defeat him in the primaries with a dozen high-profile contenders – tried to defeat him in the general election with “sure thing” Hillary Clinton and her global war machine… and have since thrown everything including the kitchen sink at him in an effort to remove him from the Oval Office.
No U.S. President in history has survived so much assault in such little time… but the opposition will not give up or give in, no matter the sentiments of 63 million Americans who chose Trump to lead America out of the anti-American secular-socialist abyss that the global left led us into.

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BDR Contributor Terry Payne (NC)




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