Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Democrat Leader Admits Hillary Clinton was a Terrible Presidential Candidate

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Shock Report: CBO Scoring of GOP Obamacare Repeal Wildly Inaccurate!

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The Anti-Defamation League: Is It Betraying the Judeo-Christian West by Supporting Nazi-Style Islamo-fascism?

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President Trump: We Must Fulfill our Promise to Repeal Obamacare 
Trump Son-in-Law says He “Did NOT Collude with Russia” 
The Democrats’ Best Friend 
When Does an Investment Strategy Become an Obsession? 
Jared Kushner’s Opening Statement to Congress 
Oh No! Majorities of both Democrats and Republicans would rather the Internet be “Safe” than “Free” 
Leftist Professor tells People to Stop Offering Sympathy to “War Criminal” John McCain 
Watch: The Scene from Rogue One that Aptly Describes the GOP 
News You Can Use for July 25, 2017 
Evangelical Pastor Claims Knowledge of Plan to Violently Overthrow POTUS 

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House of Blues Cancels Country Concert After Singer Refuses to Disarm 
Obama Planned For Boots On The Ground in America on Election Day 2016 
Dead Manatee Statue To Replace Confederate Monument in Florida? 
Tech Giants Verbally Spar Over “Doomsday” Predictions of Artificial Intelligence 
Microchip Implants Coming to Employees of Wisconsin Tech Firm 
Trump Lives Rent-Free in the Media’s Head 
America in Transition 
Is Congress Tone Deaf with Regard to Hearing Aids? 
Leftwing Pundit Slams Democrats for Using Fake Russian Scandal to Undermine Trump 
Escalation? China Caught Spying on American Military Ops with Australia
LeftWing Group Pays People to Quit their Jobs and Protest Trump 
Is the USA Falling to “Secular Fundamentalism?” 
News You Can Use for July 24, 2017 
Alaska Prepping Another Missile Defense Test as North Korea Taunts U.S.
Mexican Cartels Turning to Terror Tactics in Narco Wars 

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