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 The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

Subject: Your Morning Intelligence Brief (July 10th, 2017)

Ed Note: The G20 was in-fact a New World Order love fest and it was remarkable to see the "outcast" to the fest, our own President Trump, use THEM as his sounding board and opportunity to visit with President Putin without the constant scrutiny by the communist Left in America. A cease fire in Syria was negotiated between Trump and Putin, and what we don't know....many other situations were discussed in hopes of avoiding WWIII being planned by the New World Order Illuminati and the McCain / Clinton warmongers within the "Deep State."

Most of you know and understand the plans by the Illuminati to destroy the world (first) and then sit back and watch populations around the world, beg for a one world government to save them, and at the same time watch as enslavement takes hold. The report below by Lisa Haven details the 20 goals of the Illuminati and for those on the Left that believe a New World Order will save this are so very wrong and delusional.
---Dave Bertrand

Today's Featured Article / Report

Something So Sinister Has Arrived And It Has 20 Goals… We’re In Grave Danger!

“The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of this plight.” John F. Kennedy

Just who was it that was plotting to destroy America’s freedom? Why the infamous group known as the Illuminati! For centuries they have invaded our government, businesses, and communities abroad. Their secretive agenda is not for our betterment, but for their own selfish motivation to control, not only America but the World!

For starters, they have left their mark on many federal buildings, churches, public places, and most prominently the eye in the pyramid plastered across the American dollar. However, I have also discovered their “symbolism” is not only on American money, but also on currencies across the globe:  From the Austrian Schilling, to the Bulgarian Leva, to the French and Swiss Franken, to the Egyptian pound, to the Ukrainian given, and more. And now, they even have their own website All that and more below…

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New Blockbuster Research Shows Guccifer 2.0 Files Were Copied Locally, Not Hacked

Lindsey Graham Says Trump Is the Only Person He Knows Who Denies Russian Meddling; Brennan Says Trump 'Dishonorable'


Trump: Comey Leak 'So Illegal'




Putin Seeks Parliamentary Approval to Deploy Warplanes in Syria
Sputnik – The protocol submitted to the State Duma was signed in the Syrian capital of Damascus on January 18, 2017.  Putin ratified the August 2015 intergovernmental agreement on the deployment of the Russian Armed Forces’ air group in ...

Tunnel to ‘underworld’ discovered beneath Mexican pyramid
RT – An underground tunnel that archaeologists believe was meant to imitate the underworld has been found under a pyramid at Teotihuacan in Mexico. Electrical scans taken at the ancient city revealed the extent of the mysterious tunnel.  ̶...

Russia denies ‘blocking’ UNSC statement on N. Korea missile test, condemns leak & misinterpretation
RT – Reports of Moscow “blocking” the US-drafted condemnation of the recent North Korean missile launch are false, Russia’s United Nations mission has clarified in a statement, while condemning the leak and media misinterpretation of inte...

FBI Allowed to Hide Details of Secret 9/11 Report – Judge
The Daily Sheeple – A South Florida judge ruled the FBI is not improperly withholding information about funding of the 9/11 attacks after journalists tried to uncover connections between the hijackers and Saudis living in Florida at the time. ...







David Olen Cross -- Salem          Oregon's Washington County Third in Foreign National Crime in June 2017
On June 1, 2017 Oregon’s Washington County had 197 of the 981 foreign nationals (criminal aliens) incarcerated in the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) prison system; the county was third in foreign national crime in the state with 20.08 percent of the criminal aliens in DOC prisons. -- The following table reveals how Washington County residents were harmed or victimized by the 197 criminal aliens incarcerated on June 1st in the DOC prison system with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) immigration detainers...........
Glenn Spencer  
End of Southern Arizona Heat Wave?
On Friday, the temperature reached 117 degrees on Phoenix - breaking the record set in 1905. It has been very hot even at the higher altitudes along the border, but as this photo shows, monsoon clouds are beginning for form over the Huachuca Mountains and rain is expected all next week. -- The heat that smashed records for the past month caused American Border Patrol to put off its planned July 2 Flags Along the Border event. Because of a rapidly developing story, ABP has decided to delay setting a date for the event until after President Trump announces his plans for his prototype border wall.
Breitbart          Soros-Funded Media Panics over Immigration Enforcement 
President Donald Trump's administration's enforcement of United States immigration laws is leaving media funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros in a panic. -- ProPublica, which is backed by Soros, released a report blasting the Trump Administration and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency for enforcing immigration laws for all illegal aliens in the U.S. The media group writes: The head of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement unit in charge of deportations has directed his officers to take action against all undocumented immigrants they may cross paths with, regardless of criminal histories. The guidance appears to go beyond the Trump administration's publicly stated aims, and some advocates say may explain a marked increase in immigration arrests.......
Reuters          Relations with the U.S. cannot be defined by "murmurs" --- Mexico president 
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Saturday said that the U.S.-Mexico relationship cannot be defined by "murmurs," the day after U.S. President Donald Trump said Mexico would "absolutely" pay for his proposed southern border wall. -- Speaking at the end of his trip to Hamburg for the G20 meeting, Pena Nieto told reporters that the relationship with the United States, Mexico's top trading partner, should instead focus on more positive ends - a view that he believed Trump also shared. -- "Given what happened after this meeting (with Trump), clearly our bilateral relationship cannot be defined by murmurs like those that took place yesterday," Pena Nieto said. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Saturday said that the U.S.-Mexico relationship cannot be defined by "murmurs," the day after U.S. President Donald Trump said Mexico would "absolutely" pay for his proposed southern border wall.......


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e). Were the media rep

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