Sunday, June 4, 2017


In the closing hours of the 79th Session of the Nevada Legislature, Democrats walked away from the negotiation table. 

Their hyper-partisan political agenda was just too important for them to give up. 

Felons Before Children...
Higher Taxes...
More Government...

The Democrat priorities have been out of control but our Republican leaders in Carson City are holding strong!

The Governor has now vetoed over 20 bills and the Republicans in the Senate and Assembly continue to fight the last minute "Harry Reid" style tricks being played by the Democrat majority.

We have just hours left to defeat this liberal agenda. Our team at the State Capitol is working around the clock and now we need your help!

Will you donate $1 for each of Governor Sandoval's vetoes?

Donate $20.00 and help us get our message out to the people of Nevada!

Thank you for being part of our NVGOP Team!

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