Sunday, June 4, 2017


CNN Host Explodes in Profanity, Calls Trump a “Piece of Sh**”

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Unarmed London Police Officers RAN AWAY From Terrorists on London Bridge

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Canucks Take to Streets To Protest Trudeau, Stand With Trump

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Potty Mouthed Maher Forced to Apologize For Using N-Word On Air 
Britain Pushing Totalitarian Internet Control After Bridge Terrorism 
Radical Islamic Chatroom Lights Up With Joy After London Assault 
Britain Finally Ready to Fight Against Radical Islam After London Bridge Attack 
Seven Murdered, Many More Wounded in London Attacks 
When our own Jeff Dunetz took Down the Anti-Semite Liberal Media 
Seattle Planning to Steal more Money from Its Citizens 
News You Can Use for June 4, 2017 
Breaking News: Another Terror Attack Strikes England 
Google Algorithm Tampering Could Cost Company BILLIONS 

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General Mattis Ready to Deal with North Korea…RIGHT NOW 
SPOOKY: CERN Scientists Suddenly Show Up At Bilderberg Meeting 
Trump’s Victory in Paris 
Kathy Griffin Confirms – the Secret Service is Investigating Her 
The Media Ignored the Democrats ‘No Good, Very Bad’ Week 
Famous Jeopardy Winner Mocks Child, Faces Immediate Backlash 
News You Can Use for June 3, 2017 
Alabama Gets Government Involved In Children’s Lawn Mowing Businesses 
Japan and U.S. Conduct Joint Training Drills On Kim Jong Un’s Doorstep 
NYC Cops’ Nonlethal Sound Weapons Could Collect Cobwebs After Ruling
BREAKING: German Rock Concert Evacuated Over “Terror Threat” 
Big Brother Could Take to Miami Skies With Blanket Aerial Surveillance 
Secret Service Agents Get OK For Historical Marijuana Usage to Boost Applicants 
Can you Remember when Conservative Students Rioted against Liberal Speakers? 
When will Climate Alarmists start Acting Like there is a Crisis? 

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